Written by London swaminathan

Date: 6 June 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –  16-44

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  1. R Nanjappa

     /  June 7, 2019

    Coconut is a wonderful tree- it is called “Kamadhenu” for its multifarious beneficial uses. It is said that a coconut tree does not benefit its planter, so I have seen people having it planted by others. A coconut tree is never cut wilfully.
    It is said that when Vishvamitra started creating a parallel universe, he created the palm tree in place of the coconut.
    Coconut is a complete food- which people do not realise.Naturopaths place supreme importance on coconut as the most complete and perfect food available in nature. It grows on top of a tall tree, it takes its own time- almost 9 months, like a human.It is fully exposed to sun, moon, rain and to all the seasons and hence absorbs all natural influences. It reveals a marvellous structure, protecting the pulp. The water inside is so fresh and cool, with medicinal properties.One can survive on coconut as the complete food.
    But coconut has to be eaten uncooked. This is important.
    Coconut is the supreme and prime article for offering to our deities as neivedyam in pujas. This is because coconut is planted pure, unsullied by human bite. So the coconut tree is pure from its planting! This characteristic is shared by plantain too-so its fruit too is prime article for offering to God in our tradition.[ In respect of no other fruit-be it mango, jack, guava etc can it be said that it was planted with the seed from an uneaten fruit.]
    How to test whether the coconut is unspoilt?
    – good coconut is light-
    -when shaken, the water inside will make a clear sound
    – when struck with with finger nail { on coconut with fibre removed] or by striking with the ring in our finger or even a small screw driver, or spanner ( ie a small iron tool) it will make a clear ringing sound ( and not flat ‘dup dup’ noise.
    When storing coconuts with fibre removed, we have to arrange it in such a way that it stands erect, with the three ‘eyes’ and the ‘fibre tuft’ on top. This will ensure that the water inside stays clear of the eyes and the coconut is not spoilt for many days.

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