Sermon on ‘Gardening’! Preacher Surprised! Woman was Happy (Post No.6622)

Compiled  by London swaminathan

Date: 1 JULY 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –14-1

Post No. 6622

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“I ought not to be surprised by anything at my time of life, said a well known minister, but one of my flock did manage to take my breath away. I was preaching about the Father’s tender wisdom in caring for us all; illustrated by saying that the Father knows which of grows best in sunlight and which of us must have shade.

“You know you plant roses in the sunshine, I said, and heliotrope and geraniums; but if you want your fuchsias to grow they must be kept in a shady nook.”

After the sermon, which I hoped would be a comforting one, a woman came to me, her face glowing with pleasure that was evidently deep and true.

“Oh Dr,,,,,, I am so grateful for that sermon, she said, clasping my hand and shaking it warmly. My heart glowed for a moment, while I wondered what tender place in her heart and life I had touched. Only for a moment though.”

“Yes, she went on fervently, I never knew before what was the matter with my fuchsias”


Doubting Thomas in the audience!

George Whitfield, the celebrated preacher, was on one occasion, describing a blind man s approach unknowingly to the edge of a precipice.

“Tap, tap, went his stick, feeling the way. Shuffle, shuffle, came his feet. Rods of distance dwindled to yards, yards dwindled to inches. The last full step took him to the edge; his stick reached into vacancy and slipped from his hand. He moved forward to retrieve it; he lifted one foot over vacancy”……….. — and the skeptical, licentious Lord Chesterfield, who was in the audience, leaped to his feet, crying out,
“My God! He is gone!”


Oh, devil, pardon me, please!

The celebrated preacher, Rowland Hill, was greatly annoyed whenever any noise diverted the attention of his hearers from what he was saying. On one occasion, a few days before his death, he was preaching to a crowded congregation, and in the middle of his discourse observed a commotion in the gallery.

“What is the matter there, he exclaimed, The devil seems to have got amongst you!”

A plain, country-looking man started to his feet, and addressing Mr Hill in reply said,

“No sir—it aren’t the  devil as is doing it! It is a fat lady what is faint; and she is a very fat un, sir, as don’t seem likely to come to again in a hurry”.

Oh, that is it – is it? Observed Mr Hill, drawing his hand across his chin. Then I beg the lady’s pardon – and the devil’s too.”

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