Date: 27 AUGUST 2019  

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 8- 46 am

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It is the largest street festival held in the world.It is held on summer bank holiday Monday. Previous day, Sunday, is for children. I attended children’s day last year. This year I went yesterday to cover the adult’s day. But I could see only 25 percent of the carnival because of one million people crowd. In addition to Afro Caribbean countries Brazilians also participated.

My news summary—

You have to swim through the crowd; you may be crushed and squeezed.

Probably I was the only Indian in the crowd; last year I saw some Indians in the crowd, because that was for the children (first day of two day festival in August every year).

No women came in full dress. No one can blame them; it is their culture.

Everyone must inhale drugs; because most people smoke narcotic drugs in the crowd.

Non veg. smell from 300 food shops may suffocate vegetarians like me. Matted hair black Rastafarians are vegetarians. They had their veggy food stall, but I couldn’t find it.

No one walked except me. They danced while walking or they walked while dancing!!

I saw three people fainting and taken out from the crowd. There may be hundreds of cases like this.

This morning news papers reported 257 people were arrested for minor offences.

12,500 police, 1000 stewards, one million people- amazing indeed!!

Scores of bands on buses and trucks waded through the streets. Four underground stations were closed and people have to walk miles and miles.

 I managed to wade through the crowd for three hours and when I felt I am dehydrated I came out. 33 degree C took all the water in the body.

This morning I saw close up pictures of dancing girls in the Sun newspaper. Because journalists get pre- view they ask the women to pose for them and take 50 snaps for each. My pictures here are taken by me in the crowd. Enjoy them if you can; if you want juicy pictures go to newspapers, particularly The Sun.


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  1. John Naisbitt wrote in his book “Mega Trends” [1982] about ‘High Tech, High Touch’ That is, a society which is going high tech tends to balance it with a human response which is away from high tech. Look at the silly TV shows and senseless serials which dominate our entertainment along with all the so called scientific advance. This sort of festival is a current example. High tech makes a society tense and anxiety-ridden and people have to balance it with a show of raw animal spirits, and may be a bit of primitive instincts and fashions have to be let loose and paraded!

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