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This about the correspondence between two kings who lived 3300 years before our time.

Archaeologists have unearthed interesting letters exchanged between common citizens and kings and between two kings.

Hittite king Hattushili III (1267 BCE-1237 BCE) wrote to Ramesses II of Egypt. He didn’t reply immediately. After some time he sent a letter saying that he was sending a physician with herbal medicine and a magician to drive away the demon who caused the disease.

We can call Ramesses as Rama Seshan or Rameshan (i.e.Vishnu or Shiva) and Hattusili as Kshatriya Sri or Sathya Seelan; both Hittites and Ramesses had Hindu connections.

Here is the detail of the letter and the background of the correspondence: –

The letter at hand provides, among other things, evidence for the great interest the Hittite kings showed for Egyptian physicians and their healing practices. Egyptian medicine is known from the third millennium BCE, but there is no evidence for a long standing medical tradition among the Hittites.

Hattusili III requested medical help on multiple occasions, both for others and to cure his own illness, which was caused by a demon according to the letter. The illness might have been an affliction of the eyes that Hattusili suffered from. After ignoring three letters from him, Ramesses finally sent a positive response and announced that he had dispatched , along with medicinal plants, a physician and a second person by name Leya, who might have been an incantation priest charged with performing magical rituals  to dispel the demon thought to be the cause of illness.

(Hindu’s Atharva Veda also has such magic rituals)

The letter was written a few years after Egypt and Hatti (kshatriya = Hatti= khatti) had concluded a peace treaty.  This reminds us the Peace Treaty between the Pandyas and  Sri Lankan king Ravana which is reported in an inscription (That must be the world’s first International Peace Treaty).

At one time both empires (Egypt and Hatti) tried to control the Middle East which led to the famous battle of Quadesh. Since it ended in a stalemate Egyptian king had to acknowledge the  Hittite king as his equal. Hattusili removed his own nephew and made his way to the throne. This recognition by Egypt was an acknowledgement to his legitimacy. Each king addresses the other as ‘dear brother’. Ramessess II was one of the longest ruling pharaohs of Egypt. He died at the at the age of 90. He was the greatest and most powerful and most celebrated king of New Kingdom.

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