BHARTRUHARI NOTES- Part 3 (Post No.7291)

Written by london swaminathan

Date: 2 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 20-41

Post No. 7291

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Verse 38

Fate may destroy the swans’ joy but it can never rob it of its skill in separating water from milk.

Hindus believe that the swans have a strange power of separating water from milk and drink only milk . This is in Kalidasa’s works and Tamil literature.

Verse 39

Here B tells another story of a bald- headed man. He went to take rest under the shade of wood apple tree. Alas, there his head was smashed by a large falling fruit,
Where goes a man deserted by fortune
There do adversaries follow him!

If you are under the influence of good stars, like Issacs Newton you will discover a new law when the apple falls on your head.

In Tamil there are two proverbs,

Patta kaalileye Patum, Ketta kutiye ketum.
The equivalent English proverb is
Troubles come in battalions.

Another Tamil proverb is
Even if you go to Rameswaram, Saneesvaran will follow you.
(Rameswaram is a holy spot, Saneesvaran is the evil planet Saturn)

Verse 40

It is about one’s Karma. You will get the merits of your good karma like the fruit bearing trees. They give the fruits at the right time.

Verse 43

B sings about trident wielding Shiva

Verse 44
Good summary of virtues is here.

Verse 45
Echoes Tirukkural (467)
Begin a task only after estimating/ considering the pros and cons of an action. After beginning the task you should not consider the good and bad sides of it.(467)

Verse 46 and 47

Purva janma punya, the merits you earned in your previous births, will protect you wherever you go.

Vane Rane Satru jalagni madhye.

There is another proverb in Sanskrit- Dharmo rakshati Rakshitah

(whoever upholds the Dharma, will be protected by the Dharma)

Verse 48 is also about the effect of karma in sky and earth

Verse 49

Even Indra suffered in the battle field due to fate.
Even though he had Vajrayudam and Airarvatam he suffered.

(Vajrayudham is his thunderbolt, Airavatam is his powerful elephant)

Verse 52

It is about perseverance—

The gods were not appeased by the fabulous gems
They drew from the Cosmic Ocean;
Nor did they falter where the sea spewed forth
A dreadful poison;
They ceased to churn its milky waters
Only when it yielded up
The nectar of immortal life
The resolute never relinquish their goal.

To be continued……….

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