Golf Anecdotes (Post No.7304)

Compiled  by london Saminathan

Date: 5 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 18-49

Post No. 7304

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Golf stroke and Real stroke

Don Marquis, author and playwright, once had a bet on with an expert golfer. The stakes were five dollars a hole and in the bargain, Don Marquis gave the expert two strokes.
Before starting the game, the expert turned to Marquis just before teeing off for his first drive, and said,
“Now where do I get my two strokes?
I don’t care where you take the second, said don Marquis ,but the first has to be a stroke of apoplexy.”
(Apoplexy is incapacity or unconsciousness due to stroke.)

Burying in the Hole

A certain priest was chagrined by the fact that one of his friends and golfing companions invariably beat him. His companion, an older man, said, “Don’t take it too hard. You win in the end. You will probably burying me one of these days” .
“I know, said the preacher, but even then it will be your hole”.

(Hole is a pun here)

Golfers are fanatics

Real devotees of the game of golf are fanatics of a peculiar breed. There was the case of such a man, who returned home after a long day on the links. His wife greeted him, a, while observed that their young son, William, had come in only a moment before.
He says he has been caddying for you all day.
“Is that so?” Replied the sportsman
“Somehow, I thought that boy seemed mighty familiar”.

(Caddie in golf means a helper)

Judge and Golf are poles apart

The late Justice Mc Kenna, of the United states Supreme Court, was an earnest but poor golfer. Deciding that his game might be improved, he hired an instructor to teach him the finer points.
One day while practicing on a golf course near Washington, he missed, teeing off. He tried three or four times, but each time his club hit several inches behind the ball. His instructor watched silently. Finally, the justice, becoming disgusted, glared at the still stationary ball and muttered,
“Tut tut”
Gravely the instructor walked towards him,
“Sir, he said, you will never learn to play golf with them words”.

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