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If Tamils can be proud of one book, that is Tirukkural. Tiruvalluvar wrote it at least 1500 years ago. Though the Government of Tamil Nadu accepted the date 31 BCE proposed by Tamil enthusiasts, linguistic research place him in 4th or fifth century CE. But his great work is praised for its brevity and not for its antiquity. In 1330 couplets he covered all the moral issues that faced the Hindu society.

Tiru Valluvar was a great Sanskrit  scholar and he used the Sanskrit word ‘Adhikaram’ for his 133 chapters. He began with the Sanskrit words A-kara, Adhi, Bhagavan and Loka in the very first Kural/couplet and finished with the Sanskrit word Kama in the 1330th Kural/couplet. Some chapters like Dutu (ambassador) Suthu (Gambling) and Kalam (Chrono/Time) even have Sanskrit titles.

Every chapter has Sanskrit words. He was the boldest most innovative poet in the Post Sangam Tamil works to begin the verses in Sanskrit. He used Dhanam-Tavam as the beginning words. He used Gunam and Kalam as the beginning words and so many. Tamil tradition placed him in the Post Sangam period and his work is one of the 18 lower tiers of Tamil Literature (KIz Kanakku in Tamil). Other 18 Sangam books form the Upper tier (Mel Kanakku in Tamil) of the Tamil Literature.

Tiruvalluvar, Vasuki Temple in Madras

Though he was a ‘pukka Hindu’, whose name was Mathanubhangi and whose wife name was Vasuki (all Sanskrit names), he composed his 1330 couplets in such a way that Hindus , Jains and Buddhists accepted his work without any hesitation. But Muslims and Christians could not agree with his work because he talks about idol worship in the very first chapter and advocates absolute vegetarianism and Rebirth in other chapters. Though not all the Hindus are vegetarians, they believed that vegetarianism takes one nearer to God. Unlike Muslims and Christians they don’t use non-vegetarian dishes every day. They avoid it as far as possible.

One significant factor that marks his Hindu bias is the mentioning of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. He talked about the daily Panch yajna of Hindus and Hindu belief that Yama, God of Death, occupied the Southern Direction (Then pulam in Tamil).

He was so fond of the poor that he even cursed the Creator God Brahma in one couplet (1062)

And my comments are based on the traditional commentaries. Of the ten commentaries we were able to get only five. Others went into oblivion. Dravidian politicians obliterated three things deliberately- 1.He was a 50% Brahmin and 50% Pariah. This story appeared until 1960 including Foreigners’ Editions. Now those stories are available only in old books in the libraries.2. His pictures with Vibhuti (holy ash on forehead), his Punul (sacred thread) and Rudraksha was dropped and new pictures introduced. 3. Tiruvalluvamalai, an appendix of 50 plus verses which compare Tirukkural to Hindu Vedas aand Hindu values is deleted in all new books. Thank God, the Dravidians did not burn the libraries like Muslims and Christians. So we get those pictures and books till today in the famous libraries ( I myself have posted several books and pictures in my blogs).

Valluvar divided his book into three big divisions according to Hindu belief in the same order- Dharma (aram in Tamil), Artha (porul in Tamil), Kama (Kama in Tamil. He did not hesitate to use Kama, Mana/minds and other Sanskrit words in hundreds of places). Moksha , the fourth goal  is dealt with in some 130 couplets in Ascetism section.

Here is list of KURAL/couplets where he mentioned Hindu Gods; the list is not exhaustive. Numbers are Tirukkural couplet numbers-

Indra – 25, 899

Amrita – 64, 82, 720, 1106

Devas – 121, 1073

Devaloka or Indra loka – 58, 213, 222, 234, 290

Achara – 1075

Kamala nayana,Aravindaksha – lotus eyed Krishna – 1103, 1258

Lakshmi – 179, 617, 519, 920

Laksmi’s elder sister /Muudevi – 617, 936

Brahma – 1062

Vishnu who measured the earth with three feet/

Vamana – Tri vikrama avatar -610

Shiva who drank poison- 580

Brahmins -134, 560,543, (8, 30- Brahmins/Brahmin sages)

Dhanam –Tavam/  tapas- 19, 295

Dharma ,Artha ,Kama – 501, 754, 760

Pancha tantra stories – 273, 274, 277, 481, 500, 495, 633, 1087, (508, 509- Crow and Owl conflict)

Mantra – 28

Yama – 89, 269, 326, 765, 1083, 1085

Deiva / divine – 43, 50, 55, 619, 702, 1023

He did not hesitate to use the Sanskrit word DEIVA (Deva, Deo, Divine) even when pure Tamil words are available.

Kama – 20 places

Guna – 8 places

Mana /mind – 8 places.

If we delete all the Sanskrit words there wont be a book called Tirukkural at all!!!

author with Valluvar statue at the SOAS, University of London.

About Kural couplets with the same meaning found in umpteen Sanskrit works earlier than Tirukkural, lot of articles and books have come out. About strange (superstitious) beliefs of Tiru Valuvar, people have written already as well.

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  1. This must be printed and distributed as a separate booklet. Tamil chauvinists have suppressed such vital information., and also misrepresent facts.

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