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Chiselling and Swindling Anecdotes

What is a bonanza ?

A lesson well learned is demonstrated by the remarks made by a man who had , at one time in the past, lost a great deal of money in a gold mine speculation. When asked by a friend to define the term “bonanza” he said .

A bonanza is a hole in the ground owned by a champion liar.”


No need for you to live !

A man whom Dr Johnson reproved for following a useless and a demoralizing business said,

You know, doctor, that I must live.

Dr Johnson replied that “he did not see the least necessity for that”.


Not all inhabitants of the Tobacco Road region of Georgia are as indigent as the Lester family. Witness the case of the motorist who had become bogged down in the sticky clay of an unpaved Georgia road and had paid ten dollars to be pulled out by a Georgia cracker with a team of mules.

“I should think, said the motorist, just about to get into his car to continue, that you would be pulling people out of this stuff day and night”.

“Nope, drawled the mule driver, at nights when we tote the water for the roads.”

Tote- convey something heavy


Unique in the entire field of advertising is S Klein, celebrated New York dress merchant. Klein advertises only occasionally to announce, in connection with holidays or other special days, that his store will be closed in order to keep immense crowds from being disappointed and needlessly cluttering up Union Square. He dares not advertise in any other way for, on the one or two times in the past when he attempted to do so and the result was an actual riot in Union Square, with cordons of police and fleets of squad cars required to restore peace.


From the Lost and Found Column of a Nashville paper; Bird or Hat:- Flew in or Blew in out of car passing Daanacker’s service station, Franklin Road. It’s sorta round with green and red polka dot quills or feathers in it. If you have lost a bird or a hat, drive by and see it — it’s funny.


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