Dog and the Room of Mirrors (Post No.7870)


Post No.7870

Date uploaded in London – 23 April 2020   

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The Brahman is well known as the adorable being, the Atman of all, which is to be meditated upon as the worshipful Self in all beings. All beings love Him who knows it thus.– Kenopanishad 4-6

The person who hates another being is like the dog in the parable of the Maharajah (king)  and the mirrors. The maharajah had a room which was mirrored on all sides so that he could stand in the middle and see himself from all angles. Normally this room was closed, but one day, the maharajah went out leaving the door ajar. The palace guard dog found the door, entered the room and discovered to his rage that there was another dog in the palace and, what is more, it was brazenly blocking his path.

The guard dog barked and so did the other dog, and so did another dog to his right and left. The guard dog realised he was surrounded by dogs all barking, jumping, crouching, and snapping whenever he did so. The guard dog flew into a frenzy, throwing himself biting and snarling at his opponents.

When the maharajah returned, he found his dog dead in a pool of his own blood, surrounded by shattered glass. The mirrored room which had been the means for the maharajah to see himself better was the means of destruction for the dog because he was ignorant. He did not know it was his own reflection that he saw. We are all like this dog because we do not understand that the world we experience is our own reflection. We bark, it barks, we bite, it bites. We are in a pool of our own blood.

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Source book for the first story Dog and the Room of Mirrors is ,

THE ESSENTIAL TEACHINGS OF HINDUISM , Edited by  Kerry Brown, RIDER, London ,1987

Mirror Maze in Science Museum, Bengaluru
tags – Mirror Maze in Science Museum, Bengaluru

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