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I have photocopied the lecture by P S SUBRAHMANYA SASTRI, Professor of Sanskrit , Annamalai University.

I have read it three times in the past 25 years. I wanted to upload it here in parts so that it would be useful to anyone involved in the language research

I have added just brief notes here as a guide-

1.Sastri says both Tamil and Sanskrit are morphologically related but they are NOT genealogically related

2.He has done research in this area for 25 years and delivered the lectures in 1946

3.In pages 1 to 9 he shows how a language changes in course of time. Up to page 9, he gives examples from English and Sanskrit.

Later he gives examples from Tamil literature which I will post  tomorrow.

Now see how English and Sanskrit changed: –

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to be continued…………………………………………..

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  1. This is an important subject, and this is an important source. Sri Aurobindo was the one in modern times to discover the links between ancient Sanskrit and Tamil, after he came to Pondicherry. { Incidentally, in the circles of Sri Aurobindo, Pondicherry is linked to Agastya, the Sage of Tamil!] I do not know how Sastri’s thesis is related to Sri Aurobindo- whether it continues the research on the same lines, or has a different point of view. There was also one book by Swaminatha Iyer on “Dravidian Theories” published 50 years ago by Kalaimagal Office. I think it debunked the Dravidian theories. Because of the drastic political changes in Tamil Nadu in the last 50 years, the subject of sanskrit -Tamil relations is taboo in academic circles. In fact, after the DMK came to power in 1967, its cadres entered the Annamalai University library and burnt the Sanskrit books there! To think that PSS Sastri was the Sanskrit professor there! Great days indeed!

  2. oraclegaze

     /  May 22, 2020

    Sass – synchronicities

  3. Yes. Sastri, Aurobindo and Swaminatha Iyer all approached this issue in the same way. Sastri and Swaminatha Iyer show Caldwell was wrong. In fact all Dravidian scholars criticize Caldwell for his shallow knowledge. The only thing that elated the Dravidian circle was that his statement that Tamil can exist without Sanskrit. That is also wrong because all the Nikandus and modern dictionaries have more Sanskrit words than Tamil words. If anyone removes all Sanskrit words from Sangam Tamil literature it would look like bullet ridden body or virus affected software.

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