Rig Vedic Sanskrit words in Sangam Tamil literature 3 (Post No.8063)


Post No. 8063

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This is part three of Rig Vedic Sanskrit words found in Sangam Tamil Literature.

In the second section below I have listed words found in Post Rig Vedic scriptures

46.Thiru , PNP 25, beauty

Sri , Beauty in Rig Veda.

My Comments-

Sri becomes SIR title in Britain.

Transposition of letters is seen in all languages including Tamil (Eg. Yaali- Leo, Vayil-Ilvaay)

47.Attam, PMP.39, path

Adhvan, road in RV

Addha in Prakrit

48.Viiti, ANN.147-9, course or path

Viithi, course, way in RV.

49.Aracu PNP.55, Araicu PPU.34-11,

Aracar, PNN,154-4, Araicar, CAM.15-109

Aracan, KLT.276-5, Araiyan (vaaltu)5, King

Rajan in RV

50.Pintan, ANN.152-9, name of a king

Pinda in RV



Copanam, PPL   19-56, beauty

Shobana, beautiful, Sat.Br.


Canti, TMP.225, CAM 14-213 Road Junction,

Sandhi , Conjunction, Sat.Br


Tuuram, distance, CAM.30-181

Duura, far in RV


Talai, CAM 5-21, place

Sthala, place in Kat.Sr


Caalai, place, shed, PP.52, PP.9, Aalai

Saalaa, shed in AV


Tem, MKM.86, Teem PNP.134, Teyam.ANN.383-4, country

Desa in R, country, Desa, region, in Ait.Br


Ilankai, name of a country, PNN.379-6

Lanka in epics


Paatali ANN.265-5, name of a place

Paatali ,name of a city in Patanjali’s Mahabhasya


Maturai MKI.699, name of a city

Mathura , name of a city in AV parisis


Vaaranavaaci, KLT.60-13, name of a country

Vaaraa naasi , name of a country, Mbh


Ilavaracu CAM.27-120, young prince

Rajan, king in RV


Aracu, MKM.274, kingdom, CAM.13-64, reign

Araicu, CAM 5-161,

Raajya , kingdom, inAV


Tantam, punishment, TKL.567

Danda, punishment, Smrtis, epics


Kavuriyar , PNN.3-5, Kauriyar, CAM.15-2

Name of the Pandyas

Kaurava, descendant of Kuru, Mbh


Nantar, the Nandas, ANN.265-4

Nanda, King of Pataliputra from Hiouen-Thsang time

(Puranas mentioned Nanda vamsa)


Kantan, PNN.380-12, name of a chieftain

Skanda, name of God, Epics



Pittan, PNN 170-8, name of a king

Pista in Panini


Naakan, PNN 179-12, name of a chieftain

Naaga , elephant, Ait.Br

(Sangam literature has 20 poets with Naakan name_


Kayavaahu, CAM 30-160,Name of a king in Sri Lanka,

Gaja , elephant in Sad.Br.

Baahu, arm in RV



CAM 36-183, Name of a king,

Anuttama , having no one higher above

Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit

(Aniruddha in Vishnu Sahasranama etc)

To be continued…………….

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