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More battle anecdotes  

The Duke of Anjou, after wards Henry III , besieged Rochelle, the bulwark of Calvinists. Near the counterscarp was a mill which the besieged had no time to fortify. They threw in a handful of troops in the day, and at night commonly withdrew  this small garrison, leaving behind only one man. The Duke made the necessary dispositions for carrying this post, and advanced by moonlight, with a smalll detachment and two culverins.   A single soldier had the guard this night and upon him the whole defence depended . This brave man remined firm and undismayed . He kept up, alone, a brisk fire upon the assailants; and varying the tones of his voice, he made them suppose that the besieged were in great numbers. From the ramparts of the town they called out to encourage this surprising commandant.  

They exhorted the garrison to remain firm, and assured them of immediate success:  till at length the soldier, seeing his little post upon the point of being carried, asked quarter for himself and for comrades which was instantly granted. He then laid down his arms, and revealed the whole garrison in his own person.



The Duke of Marlborough, observing a soldier leaning pensively on the butt of the his forelock, just after the battle of Blenheim, accosted him thus, Why so sad, my friend, after so glorious a victory? It may be glorious, your grace, but I am thinking that all the blood I have spilt this day has only earned me four pence.  



The Swiss will always honour the memory of their national hero Arnold Von winkelried. When at the battle of Sempach in 1397 he saw his country men could not attack the Austrians because the latter, being completely armed and dismounted to form closed ranks, presented an iron fence of spikes and lances, he addressed them as follows,  

“Friends I am going to lay down my life to procure you victory. All I have to recommend to you is to provide for my family. Follow me and imitate my example.  

With these words he arranged them in the form of a triangle, of which he himself occupied the point, and in this manner advanced towards the enemy. When close up to them, he seized as many of the spikes as he could lay hold of, and then falling on the ground, opened to those who followed him a way for piercing into this thick battalion. The Austrians, once broken, were defeated. The weight of their arms proved fatal to them.  

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