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R. Nanjappa

The age of the Universe is beyond human conception. It has been totally beyond the comprehension of scientists. They go on propounding theories, but with each new theory, the past recedes till farther back. Great scientists do realise their limitations. For instance, the astrophysicists speak of “the observable universe”. They know that the real universe, the whole universe goes far beyond what is observed, what can be observed. And it keeps expanding every few years. They keep  discovering  other planets like the earth. One they discovered in July 2015 they  named  Kepler-452b. They hope to find alien life there!

The Christians believed that the world  (earth) was created in 4004 BC! When scientists started applying their mind, they started with calculating the ‘geological’ age and the initial estimates in the 18th century set the age at about 96 million years.  

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

In the next century, they believed that the earth as we know it was a product of accretion of several layers, and put the age between 20 million and 400 million years. Later with radiometric-carbon dating, they went farther back and now consider the earth to be 4.543 billion years old, take or leave 1%. Now the belief is that the earth and the solar system evolved around 4.58 billion years ago!

But when did “Life” start on earth? This is put at 3.5 billion years ago. Can we really comprehend what these figures mean? But let us remember that all these are “hypotheses”. There are as many hypothesis as there are disputes and disputants. The hypothesis accepted by the more powerful elements in the community pass for science, as in the case of the theory of evolution. 

The stance of the scientists is matched by the steps of the historians. They take an arbitrary date and say anything before that date is legendary, not historical. They dig up something, don’t understand it fully, but go on theorising about it nevertheless. Their power in academia confers on their guesses the status of “history”!

During the last two thousand years, Christianity destroyed every previous religion or cult deliberately, systematically, as it believed them to be false, and wanted to ‘save’ the people.

Ruins of a classical Roman temple complex in Tunisia, North Africa.

  For the last 1400 years they were joined by the Mohammedans . Wherever they ruled, they destroyed the old religions and societies. 

            Bamiyan Buddha destroyed by the Muslim Taliban in 2001

Even so, they could not extinguish the old cultural vestiges fully. In every Muslim society, there are remnants of old ethnic and cultural groups. For instance, in Pakistan, which is one of the recently created Muslim countries, there are 6  or 7 major ethnic groups, and many sects within Islam. The conflict in the Muslim world today is as much between Muslims and non-Muslims as among the Muslims themselves, who come from different ethnic backgrounds.
So called religious brotherhood has not destroyed ancient ethnic bonds.

In the Christian nations, Christian faith is thinning. Not that there are no ‘good, practising’ Christians. Nearly one third of the people there describe themselves as non-religious. But they do believe in ‘spirituality’.- not in mere dogma, or church-going. More and more, churches are getting deserted. 

A pre-Christian revival! 

At the same time, more and more people are taking up non-Christian  and pre-Christian beliefs and methods of worship. Belief in mother -goddess, regarding the world as a manifestation of divinity, etc  are aspects of universal  pre-Christian beliefs and practices which are being revived spontaneously. The main point is that they are pantheistic and polytheistic, as against the concocted and forced Christian belief in monotheism.These were labelled ‘Pagan’ by the Christians, but it seems the old Pagan deities are waking up from their long dormancy and putting organised Christianity in its place. 


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