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Who is Leonardo da Vinci ?

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist. One of the greatest figures of Italian Renaissance, he was active in Florence, Milan and from 1516 in France.

As state engineer and court painter to the Duke of Milan, he painted the Last Supper mural, and on his return to Florence painted the MONALISA, now in Louvre, Paris.

His notebooks and drawings show an immensely inventive and enquiring mind studying aspects of the natural and scientific world from anatomy and botany to aerodynamics and hydraulics–The Hutchinson Encyclopaedia

Who is Bhoja Raja?

India had a great king named Vikramditya alias Bhoja in the second century BCE. He was a great friend of the world famous poet KALIDASA. He lived around second century BCE is proved by the use of his 200 similes out of 1500 by Sangam Tamil poets. That Bhoja was a great scholar and became a household name in India through the Vikram and Vetala stories. All other kings who named themselves as Vikramaditya and Bhoja only pretended to be the original Vikramaditya in scholarship and valour. That great Vikramaditya drove away all the foreigners such as Yavanas and Sakaras .

King Bhoja who ruled from Dharanagara in Madhya Pradesh was also known as Vikraraditya. He lived 500 years before da Vinci. He wrote at least 84 books touching from Aerodynamics to Zoology.

In France we see 18 kings named as Louis. In Vatican we see umpteen Popes named after Paul, Gregory, Francis etc. In ancient Egypt 11 kings named after Rameses. Unfortunately we did not name our kings and Rishis with numbers . The scholar cum king Bhoja beat da Vinci in all respects.


Who was the original Bhoja alias Vikramaditya?

Here is his story as reported in an Orissan book

“Near in the series of kings, comes Raja Bhoja, who reigned for 127 years, that is from about BCE 180 to BCE 50. H e was ,according to Orissan chronicles, a brave, liberal, just and merciful Emperor. He conquered the whole of India and took tributes from all kings of India. His court was adorned by the presence of 750 eminent poets , the chief of whom was Kali dasa, author of the 752 Ashloks called the Chanak or Chataka and Maha Nataka.

Raja Bhoja invented boats, the weavers’ looms, the wheeled carriages, or at least in his time the use of them first became common. In his reign the Yavanas from Sindhu Desa invaded the country in great force but Bhoja discomfited and destroyed them, and afterwards captured many of their possessions and cities.

Sri Bickermajit or Vikramaditya ( whom some call brother, and others son of Bhoja raja, while other accounts state no connection) succeeded to the throne and reigned 135 years. He was master of all sciences and a great magician. Through fear of his power, the Yavanas all left the country. At last came Salivahana from the Deccan who attacked and conquered Vikramaditya, put him to death and assumed the reigns of empire.


The Vamsavalis of Orissa by A Stirling, year 1825

He gave the source as manuscripts 3 or 4 centuries old and records in Oriya at the temple of Jaganath Temple at Puri

Here we see some mix ups between two great Bhoja kings of India with a time gap of 1000 yeas both of them were equally intelligent, innovative and valorous. It is the same confusion we see in the stories of Adi Sankara and Abinava Sankara with again a time gap of 1000 years.

Here is the list of his books .


Following MATTER  is taken from Wikipedia

Literary works[edit]

Bhoja was renowned as a scholar-king, and several books are attributed to him. Because these books cover an enormous range of topics, it is not certain if he actually wrote all these books or if he only commissioned these works, acting as a patron of their actual writers. But it is known that he was an expert on poetry, and the treatise Shringara-Prakasha was definitely authored by him.[77]

According to Ajada, who wrote a commentary titled Padaka-prakasha on Sarasvati-Kanthabharana, Bhoja wrote 84 books. The surviving works attributed to Bhoja include the following Sanskrit-language texts (IAST titles in bracket):[78][79]

  • Bhujabala-bhima (Bhujabalabhīma), a work on astrology
  • Champu-Ramayana or Bhoja-Champu (Campūrāmāyaṇa), a re-telling of the Ramayana in mixture of prose and poetry, which characterises the champu genre. The first five kandas (chapters) are attributed to Bhoja. The sixth and seventh chapters were completed by Lakshmana and Venkatadhvarin respectively.
  • Charucharya (Cārucārya), a treatise on personal hygiene
  • Govinda-vilasa, poem
  • Nama-Malika, a compiled treatise on lexicography
  • Raja-Martaṅda (Rājamārtanḍa) or Patanjali-Yogasutra-Bhashya, a major commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali; includes an explanation of various forms of meditations
  • Raja-Mriganka-Karana (Rājamrigankakaraṅa), a treatise on chemistry, especially dealing with the extraction of metals from ores, and production of various drugs.
  • Samarangana-Sutradhara (Samarāṇgaṇasūtradhāra), a treatise on architecture and iconography. It details construction of buildings, forts, temples, idols of deities and mechanical devices including a so-called flying machine or glider.
  • Sarasvati-Kanthabharana (Sarasvatīkaṇṭhabharaṇa), a treatise on Sanskrit grammar for poetic and rhetorical compositions. Most of it is a compilation of works by other writers. Some of the poetic examples provided by him in this work are still appreciated as the highest cream of Sanskrit poetry.
  • Shalihotra (Śālihotra), a book on horses, their diseases and the remedies
  • Shringara-Prakasha (Śṛṅgāraprakāśa), treatise on poetics and dramaturgy
  • Sringara-Manjari-Katha (Śṛṅgāramanjarīkathā), a poem composed in akhyayika form
  • Tattva-Prakasha (Tattvaprākaśa), a treatise on Shaivite philosophy. It provides a synthesis of the voluminous literature of the siddhanta tantras
  • Vidvajjana-Vallabha, treatise on astronomy
  • Vyavahara-Manjari (Vyavahāramanjarī), a work on dharmaśāstra or Hindu law
  • Yukti-Kalpataru, a work dealing with several topics including statecraft, politics, city-building, jewel-testing, characteristics of books, ship-building etc.

The Prakrit language poems Kodanda-Kavya and Kurma-Sataka are also attributed to Bhoja.[79] The Kodanda-Kavya (Kodaṅḍakāvya) was found inscribed on stone slab fragments at Mandu.[80] The Kurma-Sataka (Avanikūrmaśataka), which praises the Kurma (tortoise) incarnation of Vishnu, was found inscribed at the Bhoj Shala in Dhar.[81]

Sangitaraja, attributed to Kalasena or Kumbha, names Bhoja as an authority on music, which suggests that Bhoja also compiled or wrote a work

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