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Chapter – 10 (contd)


Fundamentalist Christian Foolishness

Then dogmatic Christians raised a hue and cry. Based on their interpretation of the Old Testament, the Deluge had taken place in 2348 BC. How could astronomical knowledge pertaining to 3102 BC have survived?
 Biblical date was pure fiction, while the Indian astronomical observations pertaining to 3102 BC were proven according to their own science! So, the Edinburgh Review conceded that somehow, the ancient science had escaped destruction! Today, we know the Indians were correct, and the Biblical date is pure bullshit.

While conceding ancient Indian Astronomical knowledge, the Britishers thought that in the 18th century Indians knew very little. But how could they say that without contact with Indian astronomers? French astronomer M.Le Gentil did contact some Indian astronomers and received instruction in 1769. He then published some tables calculated under the Indian method in 1772. This was conceded by Encyclopedia Britannica.

Astronomy (Jyotisha) is a standard part of formal Vedic studies even today. Those who master it are able to calculate the movement of planets for years together, and routinely predict the lunar and solar eclipses and other unusual phenomena, like the conjunction of planets. They do not need telescope, periscope or any other  fancy scope. Vedic Jyotisha is pure Astronomy, based on science and mathematics.  


In 1783. Col.T.D.Pearse sent a paper to the Royal Society. London referring to the Indians’ knowledge of the four satellites of Jupiter and the seven satellites of Saturn. The satellites of Jupiter were not known in Europe before 1609. Herschel discovered the sixth and seventh satellites of Saturn only in August/September, 1789. But the Indians knew them before. The author who prepared Pearse’s memoirs remarked that the Indians must have possessed some telescopes to have been able to make these observations. He also said that though the Royal Society did not appear to have printed the paper of Pearse,  Herschel might have seen it !

Thus we see that the Britishers had to concede the scientific knowledge of the Indians at least grudgingly, indirectly. We shall see more aspects of Indian science separately.


1. In Indian traditional education, Jyotisha occupied an important place. This ‘Jyotisha’ refers to Astronomy, and not astrology. Astronomy studies the position and movements of the planets according to precise mathematical rules and calculations, and does not indulge in speculation about their effects on human affairs. 

2. Indians ought to become aware of the work of Dr.C.K Raju, mathematician and scientist.  He has shown that Eculid is a concoction, Ptolemy was fabricated after the Crusades, that Newton’s Calculus is Indian stuff based on the work of Neelkantha, translated by Jesuits in Cochin with the assistance of Brahmins and sent to Europe. Dr. Raju has shown how Newton “theologically sanitised’ the calculus to make it acceptable to the fanatical Christian clergy. Serious Indian students should study the works of DR. Raju. They may begin with the pamphlet “Is Science Western in Origin”  {Published by Multiversity, 2014.) See also his other writings, esp:”Time: Towards a Consistent Theory”, “Cultural Foundations of Mathematics.”, “The Eleven Pictures of Time.”.

                     *** chapter 10         

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