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A few days ago whole world was surprised by the discovery of a massive cat drawing in the Nazca area of South America. Mahabharata solves the mystery of Nazca drawings.

Where in Nazca?

It is in Peru, a country in South America.

What is Nazca?

It is vast desert area. The area is called Nazca.

What is the mystery?

300 huge drawings or figures are there which can be seen from a very high hill or from satellites or from air planes.

Why is it a mystery?

How did uncivilized Peru people of Nazca culture create such huge figures without air planes? Why did they create it? What is the purpose?

Is it for Flying Saucers? For UFOs? For ETs? For Aliens?

Some people created great interest by saying these figures were drawn or made to help Extra Terrestrials to land on earth. Others said that these were ritualistic things where they (Nazca people) offered prayers. Few others said they are all astronomical symbols.

UFO= Unidentified Flying Objects= flying saucers

ET= Extra Terrestrial Civilization

Aliens = ETs

When did they draw or make such gigantic figures?

It is done 2300 years ago! If it is a few hundred years old, there is no mystery. But it is created 2300 years ago. i.e when Emperor Asoka ruled India.

i bought this book from a second hand book shop in London on 31-3-1994; i have been doing research on it for 26 years.

What are the figures we see from airplane?

Mostly Geometric shapes and Animals; some are very straight lines extending for 100s of miles. Modern engineers wonder how they created such straight lines!

Are they all intact today?

Most of them went into oblivion because of the barbaric Spanish Christian preachers. They destroyed the local people and local culture. Those who became Christians only survived. Native people were obliterated by the atrocious Spanish Christian preachers. Whole of south America speak Spanish today except Brazil where Portuguese Christians destroyed Amazon people and spread Portuguese language .

What do the encyclopaedias say about Nazca Lines?

These strange lines in the Peruvian desert have been called the greatest mystery in the world. Only recently rediscovered, when viewed from the air, hundreds of huge drawings in the sand and straight lines that radiate to horizon can be seen, covering 500 square kilometres.

Made by arraging small stones in the flat, rainless plain. The images include

Giant birds



Mammals and

Insects .

They have been carbon dated to 350 BCE , but could be even older. The lines may have been sacred ritual path ways. Some lines converge on a centre, where offerings have been left. Yet why could the lines only be seen from the air?

In 1586, Spaniard Luis de  Monzon said they were built in honour of the saintly Viracochas , followers of the god, who expected him to return like a great bird from the air.

It means that some one will come in Garuda Vahana or Eagle shaped satellite from another planet. That is what made people to believe alien hand in these huge figures.

Spider Figure

One of the remarkable figures is a huge Spider. To see it you must fly in an airplane.  Some people lnked it to Orion Constellation. Orion has the Arudra star of Lord Shiva which is already linked to Egyptian Pyramides.

Now let me give my theories:-

Vyuha= Army formations

1.It can be solved only when you study the 18 types of Vyuhas in the Mahabharata, world’s longest and oldest epic.

2.Mahabharata also describe Bird Vyhas, Chakra Vyuhas etc. Those Vyuhas can be seen only from air, because they are formed with 1000s of soldiers. How did they form Crane (Krauncha bird) shape? How did they form Chakra (circle/geometrical shape) Vyuha? The very death of the great hero Abhimanyu is based on Chakra Vyuha!

3.Major General  G D Bakshi of Indian Army has written books and articles on these Vyuha/formations. Mahabharata lists ancient countries spreading from South India to North India on one side and from Iran to Burma on the otherside. That means a huge army took pat in it. So one can imagine the Gigantic Vyuha shapes. How did our people- the Hindus- do it in 3200 BCE? That is 3000 years before the Peru!!

4. The geometrical shapes and Bird shapes originate in Vedic Yaga Kundas.The Vedas clearly explain making such shapes. Eagle shape Yaga Kunda is even in Sangam Tamil literature.

5.Viracocha, God of Nazcan people is a Sanskrit name. Very English word Hero came from Vira of Sanskrit.

6.Even Mahabhasya commentary on Paninian Grammar speaks about Owl shaped buildings that existed 2200 years ago in India!!

If it is Vajra (in Tamil it is Vaira) then it means Indra. If it is vairi it is enemy in Sanskrit.

In the second part I will explain the 18 types of Vyuhas and Nazca  figures. I will also show their Hindu connection in their Saligrama (Fossils with Vishnu Chakra shapes) worship. Christian preachers destroyed all those Saligramas. But they have recorded their destruction. Otherwise we wouldn’t even know it.

I will show you their records and the pictures. but before I conclude I will attach the press news what surprised every one of a few days ago:-

Archaeologists in Peru discovered a massive cat carved into the side of a hill more than 2,000 years ago, according to the country’s ministry of culture.

An ancient design showing what appears to be a 120-foot cat has been discovered in Peru’s Nazca Desert – after laying undiscovered for more than 2,000 years. The ‘geoglyph’ was found among the Nazca lines – a sprawling UNESCO World Heritage site in the South American country. It shows a basic etching of a feline figure, with triangular ears and odd markings on its tail, mounted on a hill beside the Pan-American Highway. Archaeologist Jhonny Isla, who runs the management system for the Nazca-Palpa Archaeological Park, said it had been found during work to improve an access to a visitor look-out point enabling people to view the giant figures that make up the mysterious Nazca Lines. He told local media: ‘We realised the access to the look-out point ran over a geoglyph and we decided to alter it because it’s not possible to promote access by damaging heritage.

Officials have dated the design to between 200BC and 100BC – and say it was ‘hardly visible’ when first noticed. Peru’s Culture Ministry said in a statement earlier this month: ‘The design was hardly visible when it was first identified and was on the verge of disappearing because it was on a hill with a steep slope and was subject to the effects of natural erosion. ‘Over the past week cleaning and conservation work has taken place which has led to the emergence of the figure of a feline with its body side-on and its head facing forwards. ‘The lines of the geoglyph are around 12 to 15 inches wide in some parts. The figure is 121 feet long.’

To be continued…………………………………….

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