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Date uploaded in London – –17 NOVEMBER 2020   

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Gnanamayam’s Tamil wing called ‘Thamil Muzakkam’ was launched on 15-11-2020 in London with Singer Manickam Yogeswaran as the chief guest. Mr Yogeswaran has done a great service to Tamil Language by singing Tirukkural in 133 Ragas. He explained that he selected the first and last couplet from each of the 133 chapters in Tirukkural and sang in different Ragas. He was motivated into this by London solicitor Mr Yogarajah and other London friends. His second achievement was singing for a Hollywood film.  Though he has done lots of new things he stands out for his contribution to Tamil in the areas of Holly Wood and Tirukkural.

Mr Yogeswaran sang the first ten couplets from the first Adhikara/ chapter of Tamil Veda Tirukkural.

He stressed the need of putting Tamil verses in good ragas. Setting Tamil songs to music helps the children to learn them quickly and remember them for ever.

He would like to sing all the 1330 couplets of Kural in future and Avvaiyar’s Athichudi (aathichuudi).

Mr and Mrs Yogaraja of London were present.

London Swaminathan, Producer of Gnanamayam and Thamil Muzakkam requested him to be part of Bharati Memorial Centenary Project.

What is Bharati Project?

Bharati’s 100th death anniversary falls in 2021. The great poet died on 11 September 1921. To commemorate his memory Gnanamayam wants all singers, musicians to set Bharati’s songs in new Ragas, particularly that ones not became popular till this day. Gnanamayam’s Tamil wing Thamil Muzakkam (Thamil Muzakkam is taken from Bharatiyar’s song) would like to highlight at least 54 songs from December 11,2020, the birthday of Bharati.

Please contact us if you can be part of this project.


On  15th November we had other singers and contributors  as well. S Nagarajan of Bengaluru spoke about Subbaraya Shastrigal’s great contribution to Indian science and arts. Like Bhoja he dealt with various subjects from manufacturing airplanes to writing poetry.

Nagarajan gave an exceptionally long list of Shastrigal’s works (Please go to Ngarajan’s aarticle posted here yesterday for full details).

Others who participated on 15-11-2020 Thamil Muzakkam:

Mr Balasubrhmanyan of London recited the Prayer.

Mrs Krithika Surendramohan from Dublin ,Ireland recited the Kriti on Maha Ganpathy in Naattai Raagam. It is kriti of Late Sri Venkatraman Santanam (NewsEditor, Dinamani)  of Madurai.

Mrs Vaishnavi Anand , co producer of Thamil Muzakkam introduced artistes.

Mrs Pavithra Mahesh from Chennai, beautifully rendered ‘Shaanthi Nilava Vendum………’

Mrs Daya Narayanan rendered a beautiful Nalungu song.

Mrs Saraswathy Chandrasekaran and Mr Sathyarthi Chandrasekaran rendered Tamil songs.

Mrs Vaishnavi Anand concluded the programme.

We played Yogeswaran’s Tirukkural in different Ragas.

Please send your Bharati song recordings (under 5 to 7 minutes) in NEW RAGAS to us.

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— Subham–

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