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Vishnu (for school children)

Earlier I told you there are three great gods Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. You already know about Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati. Today I will tell you about Lord Vishnu.

His main work is protecting everyone. If anyone harms good people, then Vishnu gives protection for the good people. For this he came to earth many times. But we remember his Ten Visits called Avatars. Hindus call it Dasaavatar.0f his ten visits or Avatars you may have heard about Rama and Krishna. But his first Avatar was in the form of FISH. At the end of this essay read the interesting story.

Vishnu can be easily identified. If you see Sangu and Chakra in his hands then you can tell your friend He is definitely Vishnu. He rides on powerful eagle and Hindus call the bird Garuda. GARUDA is the King of the Birds.  What is a Sangu?. It is a sea shell called conch in English. What is Chakra? It is a powerful wheel. The name of the wheel is Sudarsana.

It acts like boomerang of Australian tribes. It will kill a bad man and return to Vishnu’s hands .

You learned that you can chant Om Nama Sivaya to get the blessings of

Lord shiva. In the same way you may chant Om Namo Narayanaya to get Vishnu’s blessings. It has eight letters .So Hindus call it Ashtakshara mantra, meaning Eight Lettered Mantra. Narayana is Vishnu’s another important name.

Though Vishnu resides in Vaikunda, he always lies on the milky ocean. He does not lie on water. He has a bed made of a big snake. It is very interesting to see him happily lying on the snake bed! That snake called Adi sesha or Ananta.

Vishnu’s 1000 names are in Vishnu Sahasranama. His worshippers are called Vaishnavites.

I will give you  the pronunciation of two words:-

Aadhi sesha (1000 headed Snake)

Naaraayanaa (One who resides in Water)

Lakshmi is the name of his wife. She is the richest goddess. She gives gold, currency and food grains to all of us. Vishnu has given her a place on his chest. So if you worship one god you get the benefit from both the god and goddess.

Vishnu has four hands. Two hold Sangu and Chakra. Other two have lotus and a mace. If Vishnu is shown in standing position, then he will be on a Lotus flower. That is the National Flower of India.

Vishnu is dark blue in colour. We saw Lord Shiva is always dancing, that is the vibration or movement we see in every object in the universe. As a contrast Vishnu is always ‘sleeping’. But this ‘sleep’ is not ordinary sleep like we do. His sleep is called ‘conscious sleep’. He watches everything in the world by closing his eyes 99 percent.

There are ten avatars, I said. Each one has some interesting story. Only one story is given below. This FISH story is in all the books around the world, in the Bible, in Sumeria and many more places.

There was a king by name  Satya vrata. One day he went to a river and a fish spoke to him. “Save me today; I will save you and your people tomorrow”. So he took it in his water jar. After some time, it grew bigger and bigger and so he transferred it into a tank. When it became very large he took it to the ocean. It said to the king Great Flood called Pralaya is going to come. You save every plant and animal in a big ship and I will drag your ship to a high place. As expected, the big flood came one day and water was everywhere. Those on the ship only escaped. The king was called Manu, so all human beings are called Man (men) from Manu.

Fish in Sanskrit is called Matsya. So the first avatar of Vishnu is Matsya Avatar. Nine more interesting stories are there.  I will tell you one by one.


Don’t forget OM NAMA SIVAAYA


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