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Here is the WEEKLY HINDU NEWS BULLETIN from ‘Aakaasa Dhwani’



Holy water from 115 nations in seven continents for Ayodhya’s Ram temple

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Shri Ramjanmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra general secretary Champat Rai on Saturday received water from holy streams, rivers, and seas from 115 nations in seven continents for use in the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

The minister was informed that the water was collected by people of all faiths including Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and Hindus.

“Water has been collected from seven continents and out of 192 countries, water has been collected from 115 nations. I am sure by the time temple will be constructed, 77 countries that are left from this water collection movement will also be included,” said Singh.

Singh praised India for being a nation that believes in the world being a family. “We did not resort to violence when it came to Ayodhya’s temple but waited it to be resolved peacefully. We don’t discriminate on basis of caste and creed,” said Singh.

The drive to collect water from across the world for the Ram temple and involvement of people across religions was initiated by the Delhi Study Group’s president Vijay Jolly.

There is a place in Ayodhya which is known as Saptsagar. It is believed that when Lord Ram was to be anointed, water from seas across the world was brought.



Ayodhya Seers seek ban on shows of star-studded Ram Leela

Seers of Ayodhya on Tuesday demanded from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to immediately ban shows of Ram Leela to be performed by Bollywood actors here next month.

The seers alleged that Bollywood artistes consume alcohol, eat meat and involve in immoral activities due to which they can never represent pious characters of the Ramayana.

The seers said the artists who perform traditional Ram Leela follow a strict moral and religious discipline in their life.

The demand was made at a meeting of about 100 saints of Ayodhya at ‘Bada Bhakt Maal’, a temple and seat of Hindu religious studies in Ayodhya.

There is a special tradition of Ram Leela in Ayodhya and they seek blessings from people performing characters of Lord Rama, Sita and others, said Mahant Dharam Das, a priest at the local Hanumangarhi temple.

We cannot take blessings from Bollywood actors who don’t follow religious discipline, he said.

Bollywood actress Bhagyashree will be performing the role of Sita in multi-starer Ram Leela. Actors Shakti Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan, Raza Muraad, Asrani, Avatar Gill, Bindu Dara Singh and others will also be part of it.


NOW news items from Andhra Pradesh

Annavaram temple gets Rs 48 crore under PRASAD programme

The Satyanarayana Swamy Devasthanam in Annavaram of East Godavari district has been allocated Rs 48 crore under the Union Tourism Ministry’s Pilgrimage Rejuvenation And Spirituality Augmentation Drive (PRASAD) programme.

Disclosing the details to media persons, Andhra State Tourism Minister Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao said funds have been provided as part of temple tourism development.

Expressing joy over funding for the temple, the Minister said it is an important part of the temple tourism circuit in the State. He said efforts are being made to develop temple tourism circuits in North Andhra districts, twin Godavari districts, other coastal and Rayalaseema districts as well.



Andhra  Archakas  urge President to stop ‘unjust’ Hindu Religious Act

Andhra Pradesh Archaka Samakhya, which represents lakhs of Archakas of the State, sought intervention of President Ram Nath Kovind to stop the ‘unjust and unconstitutional’ Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, in which the Tamil Nadu government used power to implement Periyar Reforms.

Samakhya organising secretary Peddinti Rambabu, in a letter to the President, said the Tamil Nadu government has claimed that its latest temple reform removes thorn in the heart of Periyar. Rambabu said Periyar in his lifetime treated Hindu Deities with contempt.

The Dravidian parties, while in power, facilitated in establishment of Periyar’s statues in close proximity of ancient temples, with inscriptions in Tamil that translate to ‘There is no god, no god, no god– Rambabu said.



Gold plating of Tirupati gopuram by mid-2022

The gold plating works atop Govindaraja Swamy Temple in Tirupati will be completed by the mid of next year, said Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) board chairman YV Subba Reddy on Monday, September 13.  The works will be done on par with Ananda Nilayam of Tirumala Temple, he added.

The decision of gold plating was taken in 2018 by the then trust board. As much as 100 kg gold and 4,300 kg copper with the total expense of Rs 32 crore will be used, he said. Devotees can have darshan of the presiding deity but all poojas will be held at kalyana mandapam.



  The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, launched the sale of incense sticks made from flowers used in its temples. The incense sticks of seven fragrances will be sold at four counters at Tirumala initially. They include three counters near Laddu Complex and one in the TTD book stall opposite Sri Venkateswara temple.

Only flowers used for puja and other daily rituals in the TTD temples, excluding Tirumala, will be supplied as raw material to manufacture incense sticks. The unit produces 3.5 lakh incense sticks of seven different fragrances a day.



Madras HC calls for invoking Goondas Act in extreme cases of illegal grabbing of temple properties

Passing orders on a plea moved by a trustee of Sri Audikesava Perumal Peyalwar Devasthanam temple, Mylapore challenging his suspension by the HR&CE department, Justice S M Subramaniam said, “In some cases, actions may be required under the HR & CE Act and in other cases, serious actions under the criminal law are required. In extreme cases, the provisions of the Goondas Act are to be invoked by the Police based on facts-to-facts basis.”

“In such circumstances, the State shall not hesitate to invoke the provisions of the Goondas Act against such professional land grabbers and persons involved in encroachment and illegal activities in respect of the temple properties at large for personal and unjust gains,” the court stressed.

Based on this, Justice Subramaniam directed the State to initiate appropriate action through the Police Department in such cases, where actions under the provisions of the Goondas Act are warranted.

In effect, the court also directed the constitution of a “Special Cell”, consisting team of officials with integrity and devotion to duty for monitoring the actions initiated for the retrieval of temple properties, funds and jewelleries.

“The “Special Cell” constituted in the Head Quarters shall have separate Telephone / Mobile Numbers and such numbers must be displayed in all the temples and in the offices of the HR & CE Department, facilitating the general public / devotees to register their complaints,” the bench held .

“Temple properties are allowed to be looted by few greedy men and by few professional criminals and land grabbers. Active or passive contribution and collusion by the officials of the HR & CE Department cannot be overruled. These lapses, negligence, dereliction of duty by such public officials are also to be viewed seriously and all appropriate actions in this regard are highly warranted,” Justice Subramaniam added.






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