Rameswaram Wonders and Dhanushkoti Wonders in Bullet Points (Post No.11,014)

Rameswaram Temple


Post No. 11,014

Date uploaded in London – –    14 JUNE 2022         

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Rameswaram Wonders and Dhanushkoti Wonders in Bullet Points (Post No.11,014)

I visited Rameswaram on 31st May 2022. This is not my first visit. So I would just give some details in bullet points.

What are the natural wonders in Rameswaram?

Rameswaram is an island near east coast in Bay of Bengal. It is approximately 175 kilo metres from Madurai well connected by trains and buses. Three hour drive from Madurai.

Ramaeswar = Shiva worshipped by Rama

Dhanush koti = Bow (and arrow) Point


1.Beauiful sea shells are available. Also pearls and coral garlands are sold here.

2. When I went there with my family several decades ago, we saw light emitting planktons in the night sea.

3.In those days we were able to buy broken parts of coral reefs called Seethai Manjal.

4.Though it is surrounded by salt water, there is one spring with drinkable pure water. The place is called Vil Undri Theertham. The meaning is Bow created spring. Rama shoot his arrow to create a good water spring to quench the thirst of Seeta Devi.

5. As one approaches the island one can see the seas on both sides coming closer and closer and merges into one in Pamban.

6.There is a bridge which will give way to ships by parting into two. Another bridge like that is in London; Tower Bridge also opens for ships.

7. Once upon a time,  20 or 25 kilo metres away was Dhanushkoti which was slowly devoured by the sea. In the severe storm in 1964 , Dhanuskoti disappeared along with several small temples and buildings. Pamban bridge was also washed away. Now they have rebuilt the railway bridge and laid another road bridge in Pamban. One can sea the beauty from road bridge.

8.Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal meet at Dhanushkoti. An Indian outpost is there to show that is the end of Indian landmass. 30 kilometres away is Sri Lanka.

9.Along the route, one can see floating rocks collected by some enthusiasts. I was given a big rock and I placed it in a bucket full of water. It was floating like sponge. Hanumar Brigade under the leadership of engineer Neelan built a bridge to Sri Lanka for Rama. Tamil Sangam Book Purananuru describes Rama’s consultation meeting under a banyan tree. Valmiki Ramayana described the engineering consultation meeting under Civil engineer Neelan.

10. Natural beauty spot is at Erosion Point (Arichal Munai in Tamil) where two seas meet. It is a dangerous point where many have lost their lives in quick sand and giant sea waves. When I stood there I felt water running like fast river under my feet washing away the sand. Some 100 enthusiasts went far into sea who were chased away by coast guards. Warning boards are there in many places to warn the foolish adventurers. It is a beautiful spot with giant waves and under current. No one is allowed into this area after sunset.


1.Rameswaram is one of the 12 Jyotir Linga shrines of Lord Shiva spread over India. But Rameswar is unique among them. Kasi Viswanath is worshipped along with Ramnath. Holy Ganges water from Varanasi/Kasi is used to bathe Rama Linga in the Rameswar temple. People take sea water and holy sand from Rameswaram and pour them into River Ganga in Prayag. This tradition shows that Hinduism is the binding factor in India. Far away Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu join together to worship shiva here every minute.

2.The linga (Formless state of Lord Shiva)  was made up of sand by Sita Devi. Though Lord Rama sent Hanumar/ Anjaneya to fetch a rock from the Holy Himalayas he came late and hence Sita made a statue which is the main deity at Rameswar. The Linga brought by Hanuman is installed as Kasi Visvanath inside the temple.

3.In olden days Hari/Vishnu and Hara/Shiva were worshipped in the same temple. Now we see it in Rameswar and Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.

4. A holy place should have Murthi/statue, Theertha/holy water and Sthala/religious heritage. Rameswar has all the three qualifications. Lord Rama lived several thousand years ago. Sambandar who lived 1400 years ago immortalised this place in his Thevaram songs.

5.Rameswar has another architectural wonder. The longest Prakara/corridor in the world is in Rameswar temple. The third Prakara with 1212 pillars is the longest with 700 feet long granite structure. It was built by a Sethupati King in the 18th century. It is a wonder in the sandy island where granite is a rare commodity.

About the Theertha/holy water source, here are 22 water wells inside the temple and 31 out side the temple.

6.Thousnds of people take holy dip everyday in the sea known as Agni Theertha.

Rama worshipped Shiva (in Linga shape) here to get rid of the sin of murdering a Brahmin (Ravana).

7.Another wonder is world’s first Exile Government was formed here. Rama did the coronation of Vibheesana , brother of Ravana here. He declared him the king of Sri Lanka on Indian soil. Now there is a temple called Kothanda Ramaswami temple in that place.

Past President of India Abdul Kalam was from this island. A place where a Siddha/saint attained Samadhi will attract huge crowd and enormous wealth. Saint Patanjali attained Samadhi (living death) here.

Dhanushkoti is just 19 kilometres from Rameswar temple. Both Vaishnavites and Saivites worship the gods here. The God is known as Ramanatha or Ramalinga and goddess is known as Parvathavarthini.

A lot of shrines and mandapas (Stony halls) are inside the huge temple.

There are museums for President and scientist Abdul Kalam and fisheries. Those who love marine life will love this place.

In short Rameswaram island is full of wonders. Every sand particle here is singing the glory of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama!

Jai Ramanath!


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