My Visit to Thiruppullani Adi Jagannatha Perumal / Vishnu Temple (Post No.11,094)


Post No. 11,094

Date uploaded in London – –    10 JULY 2022         

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Thiruppullani (Pronunciation – Thiruppullaani) is situated 11 kilometres from Ramanathapuram. It is one of the 108 Vaishnava Divyadesas (108 holy Vishnu temples).

Vishnu devotees consider it to visit all the 108 Divyadesas, located from the Southernmost Kanyakumari district to the Northernmost Himalayan states.

I went to Thiruppullani on 31st of May,2022 on my return journey from Rameswaram to Madurai. One can easily cover at least four shrines in one day- Rameswaram, Dhanuskoti, Thiruppullani and Thiru Uttarakosamangai.

Though it is not my first visit , I found everything there new. What I remember from my previous visit is the huge waves at Sethukkarai , sea coast three kilometres from the temple. In Rameswaram the sea looks like a vast lake with very little waves. In Sethukkarai, one could see huge waves. Devotees who have time take bath here and then visit Adi Jagannatha Perumal Temple (Pronunciation- Aathi Jagannaatha Perumaal Kovil)

(Perumaal – Vishnu; Kovil- Temple).

Significance of the temple in Bullet Points:-

*The place is called Dharbasayanam in Sanskrit.

Dharba= Thiru Pul (Holy grass).

*The place is also known as Aathi Sethu (Old or Original Bridge). Lord Rama is said to have constructed the bridge from here . Or first constructed from here ;later hanged to Dhanushkoti; another possibility is constructing from  different locations and linking them

*Sung and glorified and sanctified by Thiru Mangai Azvar (pronunciation- Aalvaar). Tamil Vaishnavites call this Mangalaa Saasanam.

*Main shrine is Adi Jagannatha Perumal; but there are two more sub shrines Dharba Sayana Rama and Pattabhisheka Rama. All these are associated with Ramayana. In addition there is one Kalyana Krishna shrine. Kalyana krishna is a rare and beautiful metal idol of Dancing Krishna on Snake.

*Among the goddesses, the main shrine is Padamasani. And there is one for Kalyanavalli.

*Like all Vishnu temples, there is a sub shrine for Andal (Aandaal)

*The temple has a huge tank in front of it.

*Rama prayed to Samudra Raja (King of Ocean) from here before constructing the bridge to Sri Lanka.

*King of Ocean answered Rama’s prayer late and apologised. His figure and Lakshmna, Rama’s bother is also sculpted here.

*Dharba is holy grass, Anai is pillow, Sayana is bed. Since Rama slept here for three days praying to Ocean King, the place is called Dharbasayana= Thirup Pul Aani.

Dharbasayana Rama inside the temple is in reclining posture.

*Another legend is Rama gave a bow to one of the Rishis here and the Rishi was Kanvar.

*Historically it is at least 1200 years old. Chozas, Pandyas, Nayak Kings and Sri Lankan kings added several structures to the temple.

Childless couple pray here in the temple for issues  and at near by Devippattinam.also known as Navabhashanam.


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