Jain Story of Iron & Gold Mines; Gems from the Jain Literature- Part 2 (Post.11,138)


Post No. 11,138

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Mahavira s teachings are in Ardhamagadi language. It is a type of Prakrita, spoken dialect of Sanskrit. Any one who knows Sanskrit can easily understand it. His teachings are collected in the book

Mahaaviira Vacanaamrtam.

Following are the slokas

Ajjavasaananimitte aahaare veyanaaparaagaaye

Fase aanaapaanu sattaviham jinjaye Aaum


As a cart driver , who knowingly leaves the even and smooth highway and getting on a rugged road, repents when the axle is broken, even so the fool, who transgresses religion or abandons it, embrace s unrighteousness, repents when he is a prey to death, like the cart driver repenting for the broken axle.

Jahaa saagadio Jaanam samam hichchaa mahaapaham

Visamam magga moyinno akke baggammi soyayee

Evam dhammam viukkamma ahammam padivajjiyaa

Baale machchumuham patte akke magge va soyayee

Akke =axle = Achchu in Tamil. Achchu is a Sanskrit word used in Tamil.

Jaanam = Gnanam

Magga = Maarga

Patha = Path = paathai in Tamil . Sanskrit word used by Tamils



Do not , by disdaining this right path, lose much for the sake of little.

By not discarding this wrong path you will repent later on, like one merchant who carried the load of iron.

Maa eyam avamannanthaa appenam lumpahaa bahum

Eyascha u amokkaaye ayohaari vva juraha

This story is told in Raaya pasena ajjam by Kesikumaara Saamana to king Paesi.

Some merchants started on a journey. They first came upon a mine of iron. All of them took a load of iron with them and proceeded forward. In due course they came upon mines of copper, lead, silver and finally gold . All except one merchant, discarded their previous burden in exchange for one more precious. But one man would not discard the load of iron. Now, just as because of his obstinacy and pig headedness, he lost so much for so little, similarly people who cling to false faiths, will suffer a great loss.


As a crane is produced from an egg, and an egg is produced from a crane, so the wise say that the desire is the origin of delusion, and delusion is the origin of desire.

This is a vicious circle. A man caught in this whirligig or eddies, must make a strenuous effort to get out of it; otherwise he is lost.

to be continued……………………………..

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