31 Jain Quotations : August 2022 ‘Good Thoughts’ Calendar (Post.11,150)


Post No. 11,150

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Following quotes are from the book ‘Mahavira Vacanamrutam’

Festival days- August 1- Aadip Pooram/Andal’s Birth day; 3 Aadip Perukku, Rik-Upakarma (for some people) ; 5- Varalakshmi Vratam;  11- Rik-Yajur Upakarma, Raksha Bandhan; 12- Gayatri Japa; 13-Ragavendra Aradhana; 15- Independence Day; 19- Jamashtami, Gokulashtami, 20- Sri Jayanthi; 30- Samaveda Upakarma; Lord Krishna’s Birth Day, 31- Ganesh Chaturthi

Auspicious/Muhurta days- 21,24, 29

Amavasai / Newmoon day – August 26, Purnima- Full moon day- August 11

Ekadasi Fasting Days-8, 22/23


August 1 Monday

He truly is the eye/guide of men, who dwells on the end of desire; a razor runs on its edge and a wheel rolls on its end/rim ( those parts only useful).


August 2 Tuesday

By the light of universal knowledge/omniscience,by the avoidance of ignorance and delusion ,by totally destroying love and hatred, the soul attains moksha, which is nothing but absolute bliss.


August 3 Wednesday

Just as the smaller/weak animals keep away from a lion,being afraid of him , even so a wise man,discerning the religion,should keep himself away from sin.


August 4 Thursday

The moment a monk sees that he has committed an evil act , either in thoughts , words or deeds, he should instantly withdraw himself as a noble horse comes to a halt, instantly the reins are pulled. ( the moment he realises his mistake , he should immediately correct himself).


August 5 Friday

Those who give for nothing ( without any selfish motive) and those who receive for nothing,both these types are very rare. Both of them attain a good state of existence after death.


August 6 Saturday

A monk should not learn to play chess/gambling and should not indulge in speech contrary to religion.


August 7 Sunday

Fame,glory,reknown, homage and honours ,pleasures and enjoyment s — all these a wise man should know and comprehend and renounce.


August 8 Monday

Here,in this world, men are born for practising religion


August 9 Tuesday

Having thoroughly realised and understood ,the cycle of birth and death, a man should live, being firm in the rules of good conduct .


August 10 Wednesday

O Man , emaciate yourself, and waste yourself ( undergo physical hardships by austerities).


August 11 Thursday

Every good deed done shall have its reward for men/ will bear fruit.


August 12 Friday

Oh father, the suffering of pain in the hell is infinitely more intense and painful than the suffering seen in the world of men.


August 13 Saturday

Living beings are born in hell because of their own Karman. The karma is as follows:

By doing actions that involve great injury to living beings; by amassing vast possessions; by killing five sensed living creatures; by eating flesh.


August 14 Sunday

Those men who,through the exercise of various vows and discipline s , become pious house holders will be born as human being s . Kindness,, love of discipline, compassion and absence of jealousy are the causes for human birth.


August 15 Monday

Human life is the capital. Profit is celestial existence; through loss of the capital , men are sure to be born either as denizens of hell, or as lower creatures.


August 16 Tuesday

He is born as a human being, after his celestial life is exhausted in a family where there is prosperity and plenty, splendour and glory, name and fame longevity and eminent happiness.


August 17 Wednesday

In this very limited span of life,allotted to human beings , these worldly pleasures are like a dew drop dangling on the tip of a blade of grass.


August 18 Thursday

And whatever actions a man may have committed, good or bad, accompanied by that Karman only, he goes to the next form of existence.


August 19 Friday

Human birth is only momentary and abounds in diseases,old age,death,pangs and agonies.


August 20 Saturday

See young and old, and sometimes even in the mother’s womb, human beings die. As a hawk catches a quail, so is the span of life snapped, when the term of life is exhausted.


August 21 Sunday

He,who is free from impurities and sins, like burnished gold which is purified of all its impurities in fire, and who is above love and hatred— him we call a true Brahmana.


August 22 Monday

He,who is an ascetic,lean,self controlled,and who has reduced his flesh and blood,by severe austerities, who observes the vows strictly, and has attained Nirvana- him


August 23 Tuesday

He, who knows broadly, both the mobile and immobile types of living beings,and does not injure them in thoughts or deeds or words- him


August 24 Wednesday

He, who does not take anything that is not given to him, be it sentient or non sentient, small or large , — him


August 25 Thursday

He, who is not defiled by, pleasures, like a lotus, which grows in water but is not wetted by it— him


August 26 Friday

He, who is not greedy, lives on nothing ( that is by begging only) who has no house, nor property, and has no attachment with house holders— him


August 27 Saturday

One does not become a Sramana/ Jain, by tonsure, nor a Brahmana, merely mechanically repeating the sacred syllable Aum, nor an ascetic by living in the woods, nor a Tapasa by garments of kusa grass and bark.


August 28 Sunday

By one s own actions one becomes a Brahmana or a Kshatriya or a Vaisya or Sudra


August 29 Monday

Some learn the sciences calculated harm and destroy other living beings; others study spells involving of destruction of various living beings and creatures


August 30 Tuesday

A wise man, who has gained strength, which leads to the expiation of sinful actions, annihilates all the Karman done in the past, and does not also incur any fresh Karman


August 31 Wednesday

As a tortoise withdraws its limbs in its own body, so a wise man should withdraw sins and temptations etc with the help of meditation.


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