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Eleven Dramas of Jain Sanskrit Scholar Ramachandra Suri

Rama chandra soori was a disciple of the well known Jain scholar Hemachandra Soori. He composed the Dholka stone inscription in Northern Gujarat. The ‘prasasti’ is dated to 12th century CE. The inscription written in beautiful characters is found in a fragment only and contains verses from 71 to 103, the last one reading as

Prabandha sata nirmati pratita kiirtikaa myodayah

Prasasti mathulaami maamakrta raamachandro munih

The two stone slabs containing the first seventy verses have not yet been discovered. Out of the hundred prabandhas said to have been composed by him only 35 have been traced. Out of his other literary works at least eleven dramas namely,

Nala vilaasa

Yadu vilaasa

Sathya harischandra

Nirbhaya bheema vyaayoga

Mallikaa  makaranda

Raagava abyudhaya

Rohinii mrkaanka

Vanamaalaa naatikaa

Kaumudee mithraananda

Yaadhava abhyudhaya

Raghu vilaasa have been found.

His work Kumaara vihaara sataka is also found. He is also the author of a collection of verses called Sudhaakalasa.

A treatise named Naatya darpana also composed by him in collaboration with Gunachandra soori and a work on Jain logic have been found.

The poet lived from 1110 to 1173 and was a court poet of the Gujarat Chalukya kings,

Siddharaaja Jayasimha and


For his high literary attainments, king Siddharaaja had honoured him with the title Kavikataaramalla.

According to Prabhaavaakaachaara, Devasuri was the court poet of Jayasimha and had defeated the Digambara scholar Kumudachandraachaarya in a dispute held in the presence of the king.


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