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AIPPASI is the seventh month in Tamil calendar. When sun enters zodiac sign Tulaa Raasi (Libra), Aippai begins.

Deepavali (also  written as Diwali) is the most important festival of Hindus. Millions of businessmen and vendors wait for this month to introduce their new products. Temples become more attractive and crowd pulling. Diwali in Kasi is the most important festival where the Golden Annapurani (annapoorani) is taken in procession. This most valuable idol is kept in the vault of Reserve Bank of India at other times.

In Tamil, there is a proverb about the heavy rains that pour down during this month and next Karthikai month:

Aippasi Kaarthikai Adai Mazaik Kaalam is the proverb. ஐப்பசி, கார்த்திகை அடைமழைக் காலம்

Newly married couple celebrate it as Thalai/Head Deepavali which means the first or Most important Diwali. In laws give them big gifts.

Next day of Deepavali is new moon day Amavasai. Tamils celebrate it only for two days: Diwali day and the previous night. But in North India it is celebrated for five days. (two are three articles are in this blog about the significance of Diwali, Sweets and Fire crackers).

Tamils fire sparklers and fire crackers for at least two days. Every child remembers it through out his or her life. Nowadays anti Hindus deliberately spoil the enthusiasm by talking against fire crackers.  Diwali is not the culprit for environmental pollution. More environmental damage is caused by other factors including smoking habit.

Diwali is celebrated in the British Parliament by Hindus and a function held in European parliament as well. In the United states, some states have declared this month as the cultural month.

Several countries issue new postage stamps. Sale of Gold jewellery increase during this period. In big cities there will be long queues in front of shops selling Sweets and Firecrackers. Shops selling clothes do roaring business for a month during Diwali season.

New year starts for some people; Kethaara Gowri Vratham is observed by some people.

In short, the month Aippasi has economic, cultural and religious significance.

North Indians arrange row of lights during Diwali, but Tamils do the same thing during the next month Karthikai (kaartigai)

Skantha Shashti

Shasti means sixth day. Skanda shasti that comes after Diwali is considered the most important festival by devotees of Lord Muruga/Skanda. They observe strict fasting until the day of Sura Samhara (Soora Samhaaram) . That is the day lord destroys the demon Soora.

Most of  Sri Lankan Tamils observe fasting during this period.


8.KARTHIKAI (pronounced kaarthigai)

This is the eighth Tamil month. This month begins when the sun enters the zodiacal sign Vrichchika (Scorpio).

Purnima happens on the day the moon appears with Krittika Nakshatra/star. So the month is called Kaarthigai. It is mentioned even in 2000 year old Sangam festival

All the Tamil houses light lamps, particularly made up of burnt clay and arrange them in different parts of the house. Temples also do this. The biggest festival of Kartikai is Annaamalai Deepam in Tiruvannaamalai of Tamil Nadu. It attracts over million people. The big Deepa/lamp is lighted over the hill in the town. People go round the hill and worship Lord Shiva in the Arunaachaleswar Temple (there are three articles in the blog about the festival and the temple).

Tiruvannamalai is considered holy because of the Ashrams and Samadhis (pronounced Aaashramam and Samaadhi) of Ramana Maharishi, Seshadri Swamigal, Yogi Ramsurathkumar and Arunagirinathar. The last of the four saints is associated with the temple.

Tamils light lamps for at least three days; the previous day is Bharani Deepa. Rohini star comes after Kartikai or Krittikaa.

For children it is a memorable period. Every temple make bonfire in front of the temple. Children gather there and throw salt and fireworks in the fire. So it is the Bonfire Night (Sokkappanai in Tamil) for Tamil Hindus. Special dishes are made with fried rice, jaggery and sweet pan cakes (Pori Urundai and Appam in Tamil)

The science behind the bonfire is to kill all the insects that damage the crops. Grasshoppers and other insects fall in the fire on its own. You don’t go and kill them.

All the left over fire works are used during this festival.

As I mentioned earlier the North East Monsoon becomes very active in this month.

Since Kaarthigai stars (Pleiades constellation) are associated with the birth of Lord Murugan/Skanda/Kaartikeya, devotees celebrate all Krtittikais.

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