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Date uploaded in London – 18 December 2022                  

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Following are my latest books in English

Book 24

Rewrite Indian History (book title)


1.Indian History: Vivekananda’s Advice!

2.Biggest Brainwash in the World!

3.Hindu Wonder – 57 Generations at One Go!

4.Amazing History in one Rig Vedic Hymn! 38 Names at one go!!

(5).160 Kings in Rig Veda!

6.More About Rig Vedic Kings : Nine Interesting Points

(7).35 Historical Records in the Rig Veda

8.Mahabharata and Ramayana Kings in the Rig Veda

9.Ancient Tamils Amazing Historical Sense

10.Amazons of India! 

11.Mankind originated in Asia!

12.Rig Vedic Kings and Their Dates

13.One Hundred Wonders of Karnataka- 1

14.One Hundred Wonders of Karnataka- 2

15.One Hundred Wonders of Karnataka- 3

16.One Hundred Wonders of Karnataka- 4

17.One Hundred Wonders of Karnataka- 5

18.How did Ancient Hindus find Submarine Mountains?

19.Oldest Historian in the World; Rig Veda Reveals-1

20.Oldest Historian in the World; Rig Veda Reveals-2

21.Oldest Historian in the World; Rig Veda Reveals-3

22.Oldest Historian in the World; Rig Veda Reveals-4

23.Oldest Historian in the World; Rig Veda Reveals-5

24.Oldest Historian in the World; Rig Veda Reveals-6

25.Four Wings of Hindu Army: Blow to Aryan- Dravidian Theory!

26.Eighteen groups of Indians!

27.Indus Valley Case: Lord Indra Acquitted

28.Mahabharat Names Vs Indus Valley Names

29.Who is Dhananjayan?

30.Hindus Migrated  to Europe 8000 Years Ago!

31.Was Stonehenge in England a Hindu Temple?

32.Aryan, Non Aryan Issue in Murder Attack in Britain!



Tamil Hindus 2000 Years Ago!   (Book title)

(Please note the first 15 parts of Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia were published under the title Hinduism in Sangam Tamil Literature)


1.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 16 (Manmatha – God of Love -மன்மதன், காமன்)

2.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 17 (Tamil Lovers= Rathi+ Manmatha காதல் ஓவியங்கள்)

3.Kama deva – Hindu God of Love in Tamil and Sanskrit Literature!

4. Tamil Kaaman Pandikai/Festival in Rome and Greece!

5.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 18 (Vedas & Brahmins வேதங்களும் பிராமணர்களும்)

6.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 19 ( Brahmins அந்தணர்,  பிராமணர்)

7.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 20 ( Brahmins பார்ப்பான், பார்ப்பன மகன், பார்ப்பனி) –

8.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 21 (Yaga, Yagnas, Gotras யாக, யக்ஞங்கள், கோத்ரங்கள்)

9.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 22 (தமிழ் மன்னர் செய்த யாகங்கள் Yagas by Tamil Kings)

10.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia 23 (Havis =ஹவிஸ், ஆவுதி; Yupa யூபம்)

11.Yupa Post in Sangam Tamil Literature and Rig Veda

12.Amazing Rig Vedic Yupa in Sangam Tamil Literature

13.Rig Vedic Hariyupia and Indus Valley Harappa

 14.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia :24 (Yaga Smoke,

Brahmin Murder  யாகப் புகை,  ஐயர் கொலை)

15.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia 25 ( Thirty Three Devas and Yama-

தேவர்கள், யமன்) in Sangam Tamil Poems

16.Importance 12 Tamil Months: Chittirai, Vaikasi Festivals and Beliefs- Part 1

17. Importance 12 Tamil Months: Aani , Aadi, Aavani  Festivals and Beliefs- Part 2

18. Importance 12 Tamil Months…. Purattaasi – Part 3

19. Importance 12 Tamil Months…. Aippasi, Kaarthikai- Part 4

20. Importance 12 Tamil Months…. Maarkazi, Thai- Part 5

21. Importance 12 Tamil Months…. Maasi, Panguni – Part 6



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