British Children don’t know the History of British Robbery! (Post No.11631)

London statue of Robert Clive who committed suicide by cutting his throat.


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Children in Britain, including my own children and grand children , don’t know the atrocities the British committed around the world. They aren’t taught the history outside Britain, particularly the history of empire. Teenagers who have watched films like Gandhi may know a little. British children did not know how many Indians they massacred ,how many Zulus they massacred, how many Australian aborigines they had killed etc. The economic plunder was not known even to leaders like Gandhi . Only few Indian Independent Movement leaders highlighted that aspect. In today’s calculations it runs to billions. Even the British wrote that laying railway lines in India was not a charity work. It was a planned move to pump out Indian treasures to England.

Robert Cilve was a rogue and thug. He committed suicide. But yet they have erected many statues for him in Britain in appreciation of his enslaving Indians. Clive was widely loathed during his life time, who according to Samuel Johnson ,  ‘has acquired his fortune by such crimes that his consciousness of them impelled him to cut his own throat’ and who when he committed suicide in 1774 was ecretly buried in an unmarked grave. But around 300 treasures he robbed are on display in a museum In Wales.

Historian William Dalrymple has described as a real problem the fact that in Britain, study of the empire is still largely absent from the history curriculum. Many historians and public figures praised British empire was glorious. If it was so glorious why not, they teach it to its own children?

 Crime against Humanity

 On a visit to Algiers in early 2017, French President Macron gave a speech in which he said that his country’s colonialism was a ‘crime against humanity, a real barbarity. It is a past we must confront squarely, and we must apologise to those we have harmed.

 Britain has not apologised to Indians. But it apologised for the crimes it did  against the Afro Caribbean community.

 Warren Hastings, Governor General of India, expressed dismay at how the East India Company was looting Bengal, writing in 1762 of the oppression carried out under the sanction of English name which he has observed in his travels.

This evil, I am well assured is not confined to our dependants alone, but is practised all over the country by people assuming the habit of our sepoys or calling them elves our managers.

Simon J Harrison tells us how in the nineteenth century British soldiers serving in the colonies sometimes collected even enemies body parts. When Hinsta, a chief of the Xshosa in the sixth frontier war of 1834-6 was killed, his ears were cut off as souvenirs. A military surgeon was seen to extract some of his teeth and someone even tried to cut out the emblems of Histas manhood.

Through out the 1846-7 Xhosa War, native heads were taken and traded as trophies , with one Stephen Lakeman, leader of the regiment of irregulars, in the early 1850 s admitting to a campaign of annihilation in the Watercloof and Kat river valleys which involved one of his men carrying a broken sickle to slice the throats of the women and children captured on night patrols:

 Tribal Heads were ‘cooked’ for a Doctor 

Dr A of the 60th had asked my men to procure him a few native skulls of both the sexes. This was a task easily accomplished. One morning they brought back to camp about two dozen heads of various ages. As these was not supposed to be in a presentable state to the doctor’s acceptance, the next night they turned my vat in a cauldron for the removal of superfluous flesh. And there these men sat, gravely smoking their pipes during the live long night, and stirring round and round the heads in that seething boiler, as though they were cooking black apple dumplings. 


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