Part 3 of Kumbakonam Wonders: Ramayana Paintings on Temple Wall (Post No.11,835)

Rama, Lakshmana, Sita blessed by Rishis/ seers


Post No. 11,835

Date uploaded in London – –  24 MARCH 2023                  

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Rama learning archery

Rama, lakshmana and Sita meeting Jatayu

Part 3

Let us continue with the wonderful Ramayana paintings at Ramaswami Temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

The paintings on the wall are in three tiers. Here are 15 more pictures.

Rama killing Kara dushanaathi demons

Tadaka Samharam by Rama

Viswamitra blessing Rama Lakshmana

Neelan fighting with Ravana

Hanuman’s fight with Ravana

On the first day battle with Rama, all the crowns of Ravana were smashed

Ravava returning to Lanka

Dushana was killed by Rama

Three headed Tri Siras killed

Kumbakarna was awoken with elephants


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