Death Sentence to Naked Muslim Saints (Post No.11,879)


Post No. 11,879

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Two Muslim saints were executed by Muslim fanatics several hundred years ago. Aurangzeb was like a rabid dog. He executed great Hindu and Sikh saints. This is a story about a Sufi Muslim saint. His name was Sarmad.

He was a spiritual descendant of Mansur. Khalifa of Baghdad executed Mansur in 920 CE.  The reason for this killing is that Mansur was going about the streets saying An- al – Haq (I am God= Aham Brahma Asmi in Upanishads).

Sarmad was his follower. After wandering about in search of God, in many countries of Asia, he came to Delhi in the days of Shahjahan and Aurangzeb. He was a Sufi saint and went about in the streets naked. God intoxicated he did not care whether he wore anything or not, shouting An -al- Haq like Mansur, from time to time.

Aurangzeb ordered him to be beheaded (circa 1690 CE). He went to his martyrdom with a sad smile of compassion on his face for those who ‘knowing no better’, slew him and song of triumph over Death on his lips, for instruction of future generations:

Long years have passed

since Mansur gave the world

his message ; and its holy influence

grows faint; I must revive it now, and give

fresh power to it with the help of these-

the headman’s binding ropes and block of wood!

Death gives a larger life to Sons of God


Sarmad addressed the following quatrain to Aurangzeb, when the latter ordered him to death for going about nude in the streets of Delhi:

He who did place the dead weight of a crown

With kingship worries on thy sinful head

He gave to me the wealth of Poverty

Self-chosen free from all the cares of Wealth

He told the sinful ones to hide their shame

In many folds of clothing; but to those

Who have not sinned, He gave the beauteous dress

Of babies – Innocence of Nakedness.

Source book:-Essential Unity of All Religions, Bhagavan Das, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, 1932, (seventh edition 1990)


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