Lord Rama Saved Me- Mahatma Gandhi (Post No.11,956)


Post No. 11,956

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An iconoclast school teacher asked Gandhiji three questions. Here is the third question and Gandhiji’s reply:-

3.The person, whose image a Hindu adores, might have committed some wrongs in his life time. Will not the adorer be harmed by copying those wrongs, which he is likely to copy if he worships his image?

Gandhiji replied,

The third question shows, perhaps, that the correspondent as not taken the trouble of understanding the Hindu theory of incarnations. For the faithful Hindu, his Incarnation is without blemish. Krishna of the Hindu devotee is a perfect being he is unconcerned with the harsh judgement of the critics. Millions of devotes of Krishna and Rama have had their lives transformed through their contemplation of God by these names. How this phenomenon happens I do not know. It is a mystery I have not attempted to prove it. Though my heart and reason long ago realized the highest attribute and name of God as Truth, I recognize truth by the name of Rama.

In the darkest hour of my trial, that one name has saved me and is still saving me. It may be the association of childhood; it may be the fascination that Tulsidas has wrought on me. But the potent fact is there and as I write these lines, my memory revives the scenes of my childhood when I used daily to visit the Ramji Mandir adjacent to my ancestral home. My Rama then resided there. He saved me from many fears and sins. It was no superstition to me. The custodian of the idol may have been a bad man. I know nothing against him. Misdeeds might have gone on in the temple. Again, I know nothing of them. Therefore, they would not affect me. What was and is true of me is true of millions of Hindus. I want my Harijan brother, if he wishes to share this temple worship with the millions of his co-religionists, the so called caste men . It is the latter’s duty to throw open their temples to their Harijan brethren.

Temple worship supplies the felt spiritual want of the human race.it admits of reform. But it will live as long as man lives . (Harijan, 18-3-1933)

— subham –

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