I don’t like Mahabharata Krishna : Mahatma Gandhi (Post No.12,007)


Post No. 12,007

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Whilst I have dealt with the gurus as historical personages about whose existence we have trustworthy records, I have no knowledge that Krishna of Mahabharata ever lived. My Krishna has nothing to do with any historical person. I would refuse to bow my head to the Krishna who would kill because his pride is is hurt or the Krishna whom the non- Hindus portray as a dissolute youth. I believe in Krishna of my imagination as a perfect incarnation, spotless in every sense of the word, the inspirer of the Gita, and the inspirer of the lives of millions of human beings. But if it was proved to me that the Mahabharata is history in the same sense that modern historical books are, that every word of the Mahabharata is authentic and that the Krishna of the Mahabharata actually did some of the acts attributed to him, even at the risk of being banished from the Hindu fold, I should not hesitate to reject that Krishna as God incarnate. But to me the Mahabharata is a profoundly religious book, largely allegorical, in no way meant to be a historical record. It is the description of the eternal duel going on within ourselves, given so vividly as to make us think for the time being that the deeds described there in were actually done by the human beings. Nor I do regard the Mahabharata as we have it now as a faultless copy of the original. On the contrary, I consider that it has undergone many emendations .

Young India 1-10-1925


My comments

This shows Gandhiji’s poor knowledge in History and religion. His wrong judge ment of Krishna and Mahabaharata shows he has never read Swami Vivekananda. I am pretty sure a lot of people would have objected or rebutted to his views in those days.–subham–

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