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Christians dubbed all pagans as witches and burned them alive. Joan of Arc is the most famous woman and heroine burned alive. But until 1920s the church justified it and turned a blind eye to the problem. Only in 1920, she was made a martyr/saint. Later she became Saint Joan. Napoleon Bonaparte announced that Joan was the national symbol of France. Catholic church feared that France could also turn anti- Catholic like the Protestant Germany.

George Bernard Shaw brings out the animosity of Christian preachers against women like Joan, the Maid of Orleans.

Christians have been practising  witch hunt for 2000 years. The most famous woman mathematician Hypatia was dragged down to the streets like a dog by Christian fanatics and killed violently in Egypt. The world of science knows what happened to Copernicus and Galileo.

In Christian dictionary, a witch is one who does not practise Christianity and practise another faith. Hypatia was so beautiful that she did not want to show her beauty, thinking that it would distract the students , taught maths from behind a curtain. She taught that sun is the centre of the world and all the planets are going around it. She lived in the 4th century CE in Alexandria in Egypt. 1500 years later Kepler was given credit for this Helio- centric theory. Hypatia might have got this theory from Hindus of Alexandria in Egypt. There were sizeable number of Hindu scholars and businessmen in Alexandria according to early Greek and Roman writers.

Hindus knew that the Sun was in the centre and around which earth and other planets orbited. They calculated eclipses correctly and gave the names appropriately because of this knowledge; slowest orbiting planet was given the name Sanais Charan- slow moving  (Saneeswaran is a wrong word for Saturn) and named the heaviest planet Jupiter /Guru. Guru means ‘heavy’ as well one who elevates his disciple to a higher place. Latest NASA scientists’ discovery shows that planet Guru/Jupiter is not only the largest but also it has catapulting effect. A satellite can use Guru’s gravitational pull to go higher and higher without spending any fuel. Hindu Guru does the same for his dieciple!!



Ralph T H Griffith adds the following note as a foot note to Atharva Veda Sukta 171; Canto/Book 5; hymn 29

“This invocation of Agni to counteract and destroy malevolent fiends who sapped men’s strengths and took their lives is a far more sensible than the European belief, countenanced by the law and generally prevalent even at the beginning of last century, which attributed any insidious  and unaccountable illness to the malevolent machinations and noxious charms of witches, who were usually poor old women with wrinkled faces , hairy lips, squinting eyes, squeaking voices and scolding tongues. Dr Sprenger in his ‘Life of Mohammed’ computes the entire number of persons who have been burned as witches during the Christian epoch at NINE MILLIONS – Chambers Encyclopaedia/ Witchcraft”


What was hidden by Griffith

Joan of Arc’s burning and Hypatia’s killing show that the Witch hunt has been going on for nearly 1700 years. Christian priests authorised them. People gathered in large numbers and celebrated burning of women.

Muslim invaders killed more people who refused to convert themselves.

Greeks poisoned  their opponents and the best example is Socrates.

Romans were more barbarous and killed the slaves by throwing them to wild animals like tigers and lions. A vast crowd sitting in In the huge  stadium watched happily the tearing of human beings by wild animals.

Now for Americans, shooting and killing people like ducks has become a hobby. Are we progressing or regressing?

In the Atharva Veda sukta it was only a ‘ghost busting mantra’. No loss of life is reported.

Hindu children must learn all these things properly to counteract the anti -Hindu preachers.