Animal Sex and Akbar’s daughter ! (Post No.3760)

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Date: 26 March 2017


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Post No. 3760


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There is an interesting story about Moghul emperor Akbar’s daughter in a  Tamil book published from Sri Lanka in 1907. It is about sex, titled ‘Goha sastra’ translated by Maharaj Ganga Prasad from Sanskrit.

The author gives many examples for polygamy, unnatural sex and uncontrolled sex. Learning something from animals and birds is nothing new. Krishna’s life history ‘Bhagavata’ itself lists a number of animals and natural objects as teachers. Anonymous author of Viveka Chudamani lists 13 animals as teachers. (See below for my articles on those topics). Tamil Poet Tiruvalluvar quotes umpteen animals and teaches us several things. He says ‘’be a crow when you get food. Call every one and share your food like the crows’’ (Kural 527). Another Tamil poet says ‘’Do sex like crows which cannot be seen by others’’.

Famous English poet William Wordsworth says,

“One impulse from a vernal wood

May teach you more of man,

Of moral evil and of good,

Than all the sages can”.


Now about the Birbal’s story:

Akbar’s daughter enjoyed watching nature. She also watched all the cocks and hens inside the palace walls. Every time she watched the cocks were chasing the hens and forced them to have sex. But the hens never wanted it and tried to escape. But other cocks came to chase the previous one for having sex. Then she thought men are after forced sex and I should never marry. She showed least interest in marriage. Akbar got worried.


Akbar had an intelligent Brahmin as the first minister and his name was Birbal. When Akbar expressed his concern about his daughter’s sexual fear, Birbal told him to leave it to him to sort it out.


Birbal also found through the spies the reason for her strange fear. Then he replaced all the cocks and hens in her vicinity with pigeons. Pigeons openly make love. She watched them making love, having little ones cared by both. Then she got rid of her fear and slowly expressed interest in getting married.


The author says that among the animals, goats have un natural sex with its own dear near ones and cocks and chameleons have uncontrolled sex.


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