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Picasso  is An Investment!

Although the French public at first said only that cubism was crazy, a leading art merchant added,
“I am now buying Picasso and not because I have any taste for him but because he will be worth a lot of money some day”.



Honere de Balzac lived many years in a cold and all but an empty attic. There was no flame in his fire place, no picture on his wall. But on one wall he inscribed with charcoal,
Rosewood panelling with commode; on another Gobelin tapestry with Venetian mirror, and in the place of honour over the fireless grate,
Picture by Raphael.

(Honoré de Balzac was a French novelist and playwright. The novel sequence La Comédie humaine, which presents a panorama of post-Napoleonic French life, is generally viewed as his magnum opus.)



When someone asked the famous painter Orpen
How do you mix your colours?
He answered
“With brains, sir.”

(Major Sir William Newenham Montague Orpen, KBE, RA, RHA, was an Irish artist who worked mainly in London. Orpen was a fine draughtsman and a popular, commercially successful, painter of portraits for the well-to-do in Edwardian society, though many of his most striking paintings are self-portraits.)



The artist Turner invited Charles Kingsley, the author, to his studio to view his picture of a storm at sea. Kingsley was wrapped in admiration .
How did you do it, Turner? He exclaimed.

I wished to paint a storm at sea, answered Turner, so I went to the coast of Holland and engaged a fisherman to take me out in his boat in the next storm. The storm was brewing, and I went down to his boat and bade him bind me to its mast. Then he drove the boat out into the teeth of the storm. The storm was so furious that I longed to be down in the bottom of the boat and allow it to blow over me. But I could not; I was bound to the mast. Not only did I see the storm and feel it, but it blew into me till I became part of the storm. And then I came back and I painted that picture “

Joseph Mallord William Turner RA, known as J. M. W. Turner 1775-1851,and contemporarily as William Turner, was an English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist. He is known for his expressive colourisations, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings

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No Whiteman is nearby; it is a safe place!!


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In France the Comte de Charolais shot a tiler on the roof of the house for the pleasure of seeing him fall off. Louis XV pardoned him saying, “Understand me well, I will likewise pardon anyone who shoots you.”




No white thief nearby!

Dr Whipple, long Bishop of Minnesota, was about to hold religious services at an Indian (American Indian) village in one of the Western states, and before going to the place of the meeting asked the chief, who was his host, whether it was safe for him to leave his effects in the lodge.

“There is no white man within a hundred miles of here”, answered the chief.


Rob the Customers!

A certain celebrated New York night club proprietor is known for his laxness in the disciplining of his waiters on the point of honesty. It is in effect an extension of the tipping principle. Said he, on one occasion, “Most of the stealing they do is from the customers, so what do I care?”


Tried and Trusted

A man was once attending a formal dinner party. Finding himself next to a banker with whom he had very little acquaintanceship, he attempted to establish a friendly footing by remarking:

“I used to Mr Jones, who was with your firm. I understand he is a tried and trusted employee.

The banker immediately assumed an air of cold unfriendliness.

“He was trusted, yes; and he will be tried, if we are fortunate enough to catch him.”




Balzac robbed!

Balzac was once lying awake in bed when he saw a man enter his room cautiously and attempt to pick the lock of his writing desk. The rogue was not a little disconcerted at hearing a loud laugh from the occupant of the apartment whom he supposed asleep.

“Why do you laugh? asked the thief.

“I am laughing, my good fellow”, said Balzac, “to think what pains and risks you are taking in the hope of finding money by night in a desk where the lawful owner can never find any by day.”


The motto which was inserted under the arms of William, Price of Orange, on his accession to the English crown, was Non rapui sed recepi, (I did not steal but I received)


This being shown to Dean Swift, he said with a sarcastic smile, “The receiver’s as bad as the thief.”




Brahms’ Gold Watch!


Brahms’ gold watch was stolen one day from his rooms which he never locked. When the police came and urged him to take the matter officially, he simply said, “Leave me in peace! The watch was probably carried away by some poor devil who needs it more than I do.”