Bhartruhari Notes – 2 (Post No.7286)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 1 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 20-50

Post No. 7286

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Verse 25
Without wealth all these merits— character, virtues, heroism, high birth— are all like worthless bits of straw .
Compare this with Tirukkural 247
All those without riches can have no enjoyments in this world so also all those without compassion denied the blessings of the world above.

Verse 26
Interesting story about a snake
A snake was starving inside a tightly closed basket and a rat made a hole in the basket to get some food, but it was eaten by the snake. Not only that, the snake  used the same hole to escape.
Moral- only chance/luck causes the rise and fall of man.

Verse 27
Stay away from bad people even if they are intelligent.
Isn’t a serpent with a gem on its hood an agent of danger?

Nagaratna, Cobra Jewel, is found in ancient Tamil and Sanskrit literature.

Verse 28
Another interesting story
Look at the boiling milk
When milk is boiled it suffers. But his friend water comes to its rescue. When water is sprinkled on boiling milk, it is subdued. it is an example for good friendship.

Verse 30
Dog eats meatless bone and thinks the tasty blood comes from it. Actually it’s dogs blood oozing out from its own mouth

Verse 33
Swati star and pearls!
It is in Tamil literature and Kalidasa.
If a drop of water falls on a hot pan, it makes hissing noise.
If it falls on a lotus leaf, it looks like a pearl .
If it falls in the mouth of an oyster on Sati star day , it turns into a pearl.
Man also attains good or bad depending upon the company he keeps.

Verse 34
The lamp on top of a hill or the lamp inside a pot are two proverbs in Tamil.
Compare B’s verse below,
As it is with clusters of blossoms wise men have two destinies—
To grace the summit of the world or wither in the forest.

Verse 35
this verse is very interesting. This is the lament of a servant. Most of us have come across the same situation in our work spot.

Servant says
If I talk I get the bad name of Talkative,
If I keep quiet they call me Dumb
If I go near they accuse me of arrogance
If I go faraway they call me incompetent
The rules of service are a mystery.

To be continued……..