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The Rev Dr W S Rainsford once told the futility of trying to comfort people with Bible texts.

“Whenever I tried to persuade an Irish member of my flock to pay more attention to his church duties, he would make the excuse that it took his all time to earn a living, and he would touch my heart by his expatiation upon the difficulty of making money.

But Patrick”, I protested, “man does not live by bread alone”.

“No, Y’r Riverance, replied Patrick, “Sure an’ he needs a bit o’ mate an’ some vegetables as well!”

(meat and vegetables)


A bigoted old church goer, firmly set in his notions, rebuffed his neighbour who was speaking of a new American version of the Bible.

Said he, “If the King James version was good enough for St Paul, its good enough for me”.


Mark twain and Bible story

Mark Twain was fond of telling the story of the small boy’s account of Elijah in his less ingratiating mood.

“There was a Prophet named Elija. One day he was going up a mountainside. Some boys threw stones at him. He said, “If you keep on throwing stones at me, I will set the bears upon and they will eat you up. And they did, and he did, and the bears did”.


US President and the Bible

Someone remarked in President Grant’s presence that Sumner did not believe in the Bible.

Why should he? asked the President, “he did not write it”.


God alone knows all!

On one occasion, when Mrs William Gladstone was entertaining visitors, conversation turned on the Bible, and there was a lively argument on the meaning of a certain passage.

Presently one of the callers, hoping to end the discussion, remarked devoutly,

“There is One (God) alone who knows all”

The cloud vanished from Mrs Gladstone’s face and she smiled sunnily as she said,

“Yes, and William will be down in a few minutes”.


Bible and Baseball

Greatly distressed by the prevailing ignorance of the villagers in the small village in which she was vacationing, an old lady persuaded the school teacher to give some lessons to some of the more illiterate adults.

Meeting one of the pupils on the street one day she asked kindly,

“Well, John, I guess you can read your Bible by this time.”

“Bless your heart , Madam” was the grateful reply, I was out of the Bible and into the baseball news over a week ago”

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What can a Crow Teach You?

காகா காதலோ

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So long as a man clinging hard to the transitory objects of life, he can never know true peace and happiness. This is exemplified the story of the crow and the piece of bread.

Once a crow got somehow a piece of bread. With the bread in its peak, it wanted to fly to a tree, and sitting on its branch, make a quiet meal of it. But a number of other crows pursued this crow to wrest the bread out of it. The crow with the bread flew with all its speeds in order to escape from the clutches of the others. It flew and flew hotly pursued by other crows, in all directions to save the bread in its beak. This went on for two or three hours.

The crow with the bread was dead tired as a result of its continuous flying and felt it would be well to drop the drop the piece of bread which was picked by another crow, which in turn was pursued by the other two crows. The first crow, having thrown away the piece of bread, flew to the branch of a tree and sitting under its cool shade, attained perfect rest and tranquillity.


Peace truly comes when we give up desire for the perishable things of the world.

Moral: Give up desires to gain peace.