Chinese Dragon Dance in London (Post No.6058)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 10 FEBRUARY 2019

GMT Time uploaded in London – 19-08

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Pictures shown here are taken by London swaminathan((posted by AND

Chinese New Year – the Year of Pig – occurred on 5th February 2019. Chinese community with the support of Mayor of London held big events on 10th February in China Town and Trafalgar Square in London.  Year  of the Dog is over. Now this is the Year of Pig.

I saw the Dragon dance done by two groups. The men in dragon disguise went one shop to another and danced in front of the shops or buildings. They provided the dragon fruits and vegetables. During the dance the dragon man threw the fruits and lettuce on the sponsor.

Unlike other cultures Chinese consider dragon an auspicious symbol. At one time there were even rules that the emperor’s dress should have nine dragons embroidered on it.

Chinese dragon looks like a snake dragon but with a combination of different animal parts such as crocodile. People welcome it when the dancing dragon visited them.

In China town in London, there were thousands of people today to see the dragons and other tableaus in the parade. I have taken videos and uploaded them in You Tube Under Chinese New Celebrations held on 10 February 2019. I attach some pictures with this write up.