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45. Cruelty, causeless quarrels, the desire for another’s

wife or money, envy of the good, or of one’s own relatives.

These are the natural characteristics of wicked men– niti sataka

Greatest of the ancient Tamil poets, Tiru valluvar, author of the Tamil Veda Tirukkural, also say the same:-


He who is envious needs no enemy to ruin him. Envy itself is enough to bring him ruin- Kural/couplet 165

The mean find fault with others even if they eat and dress themselves normally – 1079

Another’s wife

A man who seduces another’s wife because she is easily accessible will suffer the consequence of everlasting sin – Kural/couplet 145

The man who commits adultery can never escape ENMITY, SIN,FEAR AND INFAMY- 148


If a man is so devoid of equality as to covet another’s wealth, not only will  his family be ruined, but many other ills will also betake him – 171


Killing leads to all other sinful acts- 321


46. An evil man should be avoided though he be

adorned with learning. Is a snake less feared because it

is ornamented with jewels ? – niti sataka 46

A Tamil poets puts it in a better way,

If you see a horned animal stay away at least by five yards; if an animal like horse that can kick you hard, keep the distance to at least ten yards; if it is a made elephant you have to leave at least 1000 yards; but if it s a bad man, don’t even make yourself visible. That means run as far as possible so that he cant see you! This is in Niti Veba by an anonymous author.

Another verse by poet Munaippadiyar in Tamil Ara Neri Charam, says,

Look, if you give water to cows it gives you back milk; if the same water is given to snake you get only poison. This is the difference between good and bad people; The bad,  even if they read scriptures; they mis quote it; interpret it in the wrong way.

So Bhatruhari is right in comparing bad people to snakes!

अकरुणत्वम् अकारणविग्रहः
परधने परयोषिति च स्पृहा ।
प्रकृतिसिद्धम् इदं हि दुरात्मनाम् ॥ 1.45 ॥

दुर्जनः परिहर्तव्यो
विद्यया‌உलकृतो‌உपि सन् ।
मणिना भूषितः सर्पः
किम् असौ न भयङ्करः ॥ 1.46 ॥

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