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A rich man used to feed his father with gruel from a broken potsherd. He treated his father very badly. His son saw this and took the potsherd away and hid it. Afterwards the rich man saw his father and asked

‘Where is the broken pot with which I feed you every day?

Did you throw it away?’ Saying this he thrashed him.

The boy, who hid it, came and said,

‘Don’t beat my grandfather. I was the one who took it. I am keeping it in a safe place so that I can feed you when you are very old’


When he heard this, he felt ashamed. Then he treated his father with respect.


You get back what you give others.


Tasty Tamil Snack Vadai !

An innocent villager wanted to eat onion Vadais (fried salty doughnut snack of Tamil Community) and was longing for it for a long time. He saw an old woman making Vadai. He went to her house and gave the ingredients such as the lentil flour, oil, spices etc for frying Vadai. Seeing this gullible man, she told him to come back in a few hours’ time to take the Vadais. She promised him that she would make 15 Vadai s out of those ingredients. But that greedy and gluttonous woman ate 14 vadais and kept only one for him. When he saw this, he became angry and shouted,

Hey rogue of a woman , where are the other 14 Vadais?

I myself ate them, she said.

Ha! How did you eat so many Vadais at one go, you rogue? he asked.

I ate them just in this way, see, she said and put the remaining Vadai into her mouth.

The villager was tricked.


I want a Wise Husband!

A certain woman waited for a long time in order that she might get a handsome and wise husband. Whilst she was waiting one day a handsome man came. She entered into conversation with him in order to ascertain whether he was wise also. At that time there was a clatter.

What is that? he asked.

She said, it’s a lizard.

Bring me one of its feathers to pick my ear, he said.

You fool! Has a lizard got feathers?

Go! So saying she sent him away.

After waiting a few days another man came.

To him she said a few days ago a fool asked me to bring him a feather from a lizard!!

At this he laughed and said

Oh Oh ! Perhaps he thought it was a tortoise; she thought he was the greater dunce of the two. She scolded and sent him away.

Moral – Don’t expect too much Handsomeness and Wisdom don’t go together.

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