Rules about Dhana/ Charity in Hindu Literature (Post No.2580)

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Date: 27 February 2016


Post No. 2580


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Daanaduusana:-Five Defects in Dhana/Donation/Charity

Anaadaro vilambhasca vaimukhyam chaapriyam ca

Paschaath bhavati santaapo daanaduushana panchakam


Anaadara – giving with disrecpect

Vimabah – Delay in giving

Vaimukha – non -importance

Apriyamvacah – giving with harsh words

Pascaat santaapa – distress after giving



Daanabhuusanam:- Charateristics of Charity


Aanadasruuni romaani  bahumaanam priyamvacah

Kinchaanumodanam daanamdaanabhuusana panchakam


Aanadaasruuni – tears of joy

Romaani- horripulation

Bahumaanam – respect

Priymavacah – pleasing words

Anumodanam – acceptance





Ten Tamil Sayings (from Tirukkural)

1.Giving to the poor is real charity. All other gifts are investments for return

2.Receiving gifts is undesirable. Giving is desirable even if heavenly bliss may thereby denied.


3.Only the truly noble will give till it hurts,

Without pleading straitened circumstances

4.It may be unpleasant to be egged of , but that is only till

The distress-relieved face of the receiver lights up in radiance

5.Great are they who hunger’s pangs sustain

But greater those who relieve hunger’s pain

6.By relieving people of their devastating hunger

One lays by valuable possessions as investment

7.The man who is in the habit of sharing his food with others will never be afflicted with the disease called hunger

  1. Delight of charity they do not know

Who hoard their wealth and lose it so

9.Enjoying alone the hoarded wealth, without giving others is worse than begging

10.Death is painful; but even that will be pleasant to one

Who finds himself unable to relieve the distress of others.


Giving Food is the Greatest Charity

Following quotations are already posted in my August 2015 calendar (post no 2027)


1.The charity of food is great, that of knowledge is greater – SUBHASITA RATNA BHANDAKARA.21

Annadaanam param daanam, vidyaa daanam atahparam

2.Gifts are not to be given with disrespect or ridicule

Avanjayaa na daatavyam kasyacilliilayaapi vaa

3.Does not the season of spring deserve at least a gift of flowers? PADMAPRAABHRTAKA

4.What is not given away is as good as lost! – AJITA TIRTHANKARA PURANA

Tannashtam yanna diiyate

5.Generosity is the ultimate virtue –SUBHASITARATNAKHANDAMANJUSA

Sakalagunasiimaa vitaranam



6.What has been given should never be taken back –Brhat Katha Manjari

Dattam naiva punar graahyam

7.The merit of what is gifted accrues to the donor –Brhat Katha Manjari

Dattam yattatphalam samupesyati

8.Give and expect not, utter truth and not falsehood – Valmiki Ramayana 5-33-25

Dadyaanna pratigrhniiyaat satyam bruuyaanna caantram

9.Generosity begets everything; what is gained by hoarding? RAMAYANA MANJARI 42-1074

Dattamaasaadyate sarvamadatte labhyate kutah

10.Sing ditties of the donor –KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Daaturgeyam yaso nityam



11.Everything is accomplished by the interactions of givers and takers – Valmiki Ramayana 1-73-12

Daatrpratigrahiitrbhyaam sarvaarthaah sambhavanyi hi

  1. Giving instantly is a great blessing — KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Siighra daanam mahaapunyam

13.Charity is the coomonest form of winning over people –DHURTANARTAKA

Daanam naama sarvasaamaanyam vasiikaranam

14.Authority over an object rests with the owner before donating –KAHAVATRATNAKA

Daanaatpuurvam daaturevaadhikaarah

15.Though difficult to part with, give away when begged for –SATOPADESAPRABHANDA


Dustyajamapyarthine deyam

16.Life is more precious than benevolence


17.A gift is not enjoined in favour of those richly endowed with wealth – Valmiki Ramayana 5-341-3

Na daanamarthopacitesu yujyate

18.That which is not given away will never remain yours — CANAKYANITI 2-49

Na dattamupatishthate

  1. A gift to the wealthy is futile –CANAKYA NITI 11-12

Vrthaa daanam dhanaadhyesu



20.The generous become blessed only by giving to the deserved — VISWAGUNAADARASACHAMPU 46.s544

Paatre dattairbhavati hi dhanairdhanyataa bhuuridatuh


21.What is greater sacrifice than offering one’s own life? –KATHASARITSAGAR

Praana daanaadhi dharmah kobhyadhiko Bhavet

22.By giving a little, you save a lot  – SATOPADESAPRABHANDA

Bahu raksedalpadaanena

23.Give only that which is sought; giving the unsought pleases not –JATAKAMAALAA

Yadeva yaacyeta tadeva dhadyannaanipsitampriinayatiiha dattam

24.Saves a little, gives a lot — KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Raksatyalpam yacchati bahulam

25.People talk sweetly as long as the giver gives freely —-SUBASITARATNABHANDAKARA 3-792

Vitarati yaavaddaataa taavatsakalopi bhavati kalabhaasii



Lord Krishna’s Generous Donations!


Compiled by london swaminathan

Post No: 1600: Dated 24 January 2015

Lot of us who read Bagavatha Purana and Maha Bharata miss one important point. That is, Krishna was very generous and a great philanthrophist.


He have Sudama, a poor old friend, immense wealth. Sudama who was a class mate of Krishna at school, took just a few handfuls of pounded rice (powa), when he went to see him at his palace. Krishna took one handful and tasted it. Atonce Sudama’s hut became a palatial building. He went from rags to rich.


When Draupadi was almost disrobed by Duschasana and his team in the assembly, Lord Krishna gave her saree. When Duschasana tried to remove her cloth,  one after another appeared. It grew longer and longer that they could not do any harm to her. Her honour was saved.


When Duryodhana and Arjuna went for Lord Krishna’s help to win the war, Krishna gave the first chance to Duryodhana. Poor Duryodhana underestimated Krishna and asked for all his his army and weapons. Krishna smiled at him andsaid,Dadastu! ‘pease take it’. Arjuna was satisfied when Krishna said, “I will be your driver”. And he did drove his chariot to victory!


When the Symantaka diamond led to many frauds and murders he gave it to Akrura!

(Please read my research paper on Krishna’s Diamond in USA? — posted here on 23 April 2012).


When Gopis, girls from the cowherd community, gave him boundless love, he showered them with love thousand times more!


(Please read my post ‘Swami Vivekananda on Krishna and Gopis’ – posted here on March 8, 2014)

Was Draupadi Disrobed

Lord Krishna gave Viswarupa Darsanam to Arjuna and then to Bhisma.


When there was very heavy rain and the cowherd boys ran helter shelter, he gave them an umbrella made up of Govardhana Hill !!


Righto! Draupadi got X, Gopis got Y, Akrura got Z; you may wonder what do I get?

He has already given to you —  the entire humanity — a small and wonderful book called Bhagawad Gita– just 700 couplets — only 1400 lines! but the concentrated juice of Hinduism!

Drinking the juice in diluted form or concentrated form or not using it is in your own hands.


Here is a quote from Swami Vivekananda:-


“Krishna can never be understood until you have studied the Gita, for he was the embodiment of his own teaching. Everyone of these incarnations came as a living illustration of what they came to preach. Krishna, the preacher of the Gita, was all his life the embodiment of the Song Celestial; he was the great illustration of non attachment. He gives up his throne and never cares for it. He, the leader of India, at whose words kings come down from their thrones, never wants to be a king. He is the simple Krishna, ever the same Krishna who played with the Gopis.Ah, that marvellous passage of his life, the most difficult to understand, and which none ought to attempt to understand until he has become perfectly chaste and pure.” — Swami Vivekananda


Please read my two part post, Atom Bomb to Zoo of the Bhagavad Gita — posted here on November 22 and November 23 ,2011).