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When an insurance adjuster returned from investigating a blaze his boss asked what had caused the fire,

Friction, the investigator replied tersely.

Something rubbing together, eh?

Yeah, the adjuster added, the fire was caused by rubbing a $ 3000 insurance policy against a $ 2000 house.


A hearing was being held to determine whether or not it was, as some seemed to think, an incendiary fire . The adjuster was questioning some of the villagers attempting to find out if the fire had been started for the purpose of collecting insurance.

One of those under questioning was an old man, deaf as a post. Unable to hear the questions being fired at him, he turned to his wife, a puzzled look on his face.

At the top of her voice she shouted,

What the man wants to know is was the Jobson’s fire kotched er was it sot?


Pacific Ocean

Real Estate Anecdotes

Groucho Marx, after much evasion, finally succumbed to the blandishments of a realtor who wanted to show him a palatial ocean front estate which was for sale. The salesman drove the comedian up the mile long beautifully landscaped approach escorted him through the house, stables, the gardens, the kennels, babbling of the wonders of the dream palace by the sea. Groucho patiently plodded after him, nodding gravely, apparently much impressed. Finally, he was ushered out on the flagged terrace and the salesman waved proudly toward the broad expanse of the Pacific.

Now, what do you think?, he challenged.

I don’t care for it, replied Groucho thoughtfully and he waved in turn at the view.

Take away the ocean and what have you got?


An artist who wanted a home among the Taconic Hills of Vermont was talking the matter over with a farmer who allowed that he had a house for sale.

I must have a good view, insisted the artist.

Is there a good view?

Well, drawled the farmer,

From the front porch, yuh kin see Ed Snow’s barn, but beyond that there ain’t nuthin’ but a bunch of mountains.

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