Finance Minister’s Wife’s Gown – Uncovered Deficit! (Post No.7055)

Date: 4 OCTOBER 2019
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Post No. 7055

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According to F W Wile, “It was President Wilson himself who told us of one of the conversations of Signor Orlando about Fiume. The Italian premier argued that , as the population, language and the institutions of the city were overwhelmingly Italian , Italy’s claim to the city was indisputable. “Well, Mr Premier”, rejoined Mr Wilson, “I hope you wont press the point with respect to New York city, or you might feel like claiming a sizeable piece of Manhattan Island.”

(Manhattan and New York have sizeable population of Italians)

Where is Fiueme?

From Wikipedia–

The Free State of Fiume (pronounced [ˈfjuːme]) was an independent free state that existed between 1920 and 1924. Its territory of 28 km2 (11 sq mi) comprised the city of Fiume (now in Croatia and known as Rijeka) and rural areas to its north, with a corridor to its west connecting it to Italy.


Among the guests at a luncheon, was the wife of the Finance Minister of one of the neutral countries. Her gown was very décolleté but nature had not endowed her with the necessary charms to wear such a garment. German Foreign Minister Rantzau gazed at her and then murmured, she is just like her husband, an uncovered deficit.”

Word meaning–




  1. (of a woman’s dress or top) having a low neckline.


  1. a low neckline on a woman’s dress or top.


No  Waiters and Cab Drivers at the Trade Conference?

When James B Reynolds was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Senator Root sent for Reynolds one day to discuss with him  some matter concerning a trade conference in Paris which Mr Reynolds had been selected to attend.

I suppose, said Root, you speak French.

Well, yes, responded Mr Reynolds. I know a little French. I have no trouble to  make the waiters and the cab drivers understand me. Mr Reynolds

I see said Mr Root, But Mr Reynolds, suppose there should be no waiters and cab drivers at the conference?”


King, You are surrounded by my enemies!!

The famous Marshal Villars , having given some offence to the mistress and ministers of Louis XIV, occasion was soon found to send him on a very dangerous service in Germany. When coming to take farewell of the king the marshal thus expressed himself:

“Sire I leave Your Majesty surrounded by my enemies, while I am going to be surrounded by yours”.

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