Satyam Svargasya Sopaanam: Truth is Step to Heaven

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Mahabaharata, the longest epic in the world, has got thousands of quotable quotes; there are thousands of similes as well. All the great scholars quote such beautiful sentences and phrases in appropriate places, but no one has done them subject wise or indexed them subject wise. One has to go deeper like pearl fishing. Here are some quotations:


Truth – Step to Heaven

Ekamevaaadvitiyam tad yad Raajan naavabudhyase

Satyam svargasya sopaanam paaraavaarasya nauriva

–Mahabharatam (Udyoga Parva 33-47)

A boat helps one to cross the ocean and truth helps one to go to Heaven acting like Steps (sopaana); O,King you failed to understand it. There is no second opinion about it.

Eating in Other’s House

You can eat food in others’ houses under two circumstances.

Sampriti = Mutual affection

Apad  = when you are in difficulty

Sampriitibojyaanyannaani apadbojyaani vaa puna:

Na cha sampriiyase Rajan na chaivaapagataa vayam

–Mahabharatam (Udyoga Parva 91-25)

krshna eating

What is Dharma’s Definition?

The definition or the qualities of Dharma (Righteousness) is/are

Vedoktah = As stated in the Vedas

Dharmasastra = As found in scriptures dealing with Rules of Conduct

Sistaacaarah = Code of Conduct

Vedokta: paramo dharma: dharmasaastreshu chaapara:

Sistaachaarascha sistaanaam trivdham dharmalakshanam

–Mahabharatam (Vana Parva 207-83)

Was Draupadi Disrobed

Why did Krishna help Draupadi?

Four Reasons for the Lord to protect Draupadi:

Sambandha = Relationship

Gaurava = Honour

Sakhya = Friendship

Prabhutva = Lordship

Chaturbi: kaaranai: Krishna tvayaa rakshyaasmi nityasa:

Sambandhaad gauravaatsakhyaat prabhutvenaiva Kesava

–Mahabharatam (Vana Parva 12-127)