Hindu Quotations on Food (Post No.3394)

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Date: 27 November 2016


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Post No.3394


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December 2016  ‘Good Thoughts’ Calendar

Important days

December 12 :Tiruvannamalai Kartikai Deepa, 13-Sarvalaya Deepa/Pancharatra Deepa, 13- Miladinabi, 25-Christmas

Ekadasi- 10, 24/25;Full moon-13;New moon-28;

Auspicious day-1, 4, 5, 9




December 1 Thursday

The purer the food, the better the mettle; the purer the mettle, the better the memory – Chandogya Upanishad 7-26-2

December 2 Friday

Relish not a sweet alone -Pachatantra 5-95

December 3 Saturday

The lone eater is a rank sinner – kevalaagho bhavati kevalaadii

December 4 Sunday

Who can indeed enjoy food without defiling it with his touch– Avimaraka 5 p 123

December 5 Monday

The really famished find even putrefied food very sumptuous– Subhasitavali 150


December 6 Tuesday

The whole world is a slave to belly- Sanskrit saying

December 7 Wednesday

None can worship the Lord on an empty stomach –Kahavatratnakar

December 8 Thursday

how can a man be compassionate who, for the purpose of increasing his own flesh, eats the flesh of other animals? – Tirukkural 251

December 9 Friday

one who eats like a goat, shrivels up like a TB patient –  Kahavatratnakar


December 10 Saturday

Heated oil is poison; FRIED PULSES ARE Nutritious -Tamil saying



December 11 Sunday

After digestion let one eat with moderation; for that is the way for one to live for a long time – Tirukkural 943

December 12 Monday

Starving is the best medicine (for stomach ailments) -Langanam Parama Aushadam


December 13 Tuesday

The butcher with knife in hand, cannot have compassion in his heart

it is just the same with those who relish taste of flesh  – Tirukkural 253


December 14 Wednesday

The foods that are bitter, sour, saltish, very hot, pungent, harsh and burning, producing pain, grief, and disease are liked by the passionate/raajasik – Bhagavad Gita 17-9

December 15 Thursday

the food that which is spoiled, tasteless, putrid, stale, refuse and clean is the food dear to the dull/taamasik- Bhagavad Gita 17-10



December 16 Friday

The person who eats once a day is a Yogi, one who eats twice a day is a Bhogi (enjoyer); three times a day is a Rogi (afflicted with diseases); four times is a gone case –Tamil Verse

December 17 Saturday

Eating less is the virtue of a woman (Tamil proverb)

December 18 Sunday

If the world will not kill for the sake of eating, then there will be none who will sell meat -– Tirukkural 256

December 19 Monday

The foods which promote life, vitality, strength, health, joy and cheerfulness, which ae sweet, soft, nourishing and agreeable are dear to the good/ saatviks- Bhagavad Gita  17-8

December 20 Tuesday

food cooked in ghee and honey is delicious; enhance its appeal by adding condiments –Padmaprabhrka 6-6, Canakyaniti


December 21 Wednesday

he will be afflicted with diseases who eats immoderately in ignorance of the rules of health – Tirukkural 947


December 22 Thursday

Indeed the tiger breaks its fast by devouring an animal

December 23 Friday

A glutton eyes food everywhere –Vikrama Urvasiya of Kalidas

December 24 Saturday

no medicine is needed for him who eats after well knowing that what he has already eaten has been digested – Tirukkural 924

December 25 Sunday

for one suffering from indigestion, food is verily poison – Hitopadesa 2-57, Canakya Niti 9-1


December 26 Monday

All living beings will raise their hands in worship to him who has never taken a living being’s life and has abstained from eating meat – Tirukkural 260

December 27 Tuesday

untimely eating nourishes not –Kahavatratnakar, p 126

December 28 Wednesday

With food entering the belly, even the weak become strong –Kahavatratnakar


December 29 Thursday

If a man eats that which will not disagree with him, there will be no suffering for him – – Tirukkural 945

December 30 Friday

Even a spirit/ghost is pacified on being fed -Vikramorvasiya, 2 p 46


December 31 Saturday

the wise will not eat flesh from which life has departed – Tirukkural 258