Bear Hunting Anecdotes (Post No.4398)

Compiled by London Swaminathan 


Date: 15 NOVEMBER 2017


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Post No. 4398

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


Fresh Foot Prints!

A Californian went out to follow up a grizzly bear and was gone three days. Then he turned up without his game.

“Lost the trail, Bill, I suppose”, said one of his cronies.

“Naw, I kept on the trail alright “

“Then ,what is the matter?”

“Wall, the footprints was getting too fresh, so I quit.”




Narrow Escape for Bears!

An old hunter was holding his usual court before a group of summer visitors in the small town.

“How many bears did you kill?” ,asked one of them.

“Oh, about a hundred “

“Say, you must have had plenty narrow escapes”.

“Young man”, replied the old timer ,”If there were any narrow escapes,it was the bears had them”




Can’t find a Single Animal!

An eager sport man accosted one of the natives in the small Maine town where he was spending his vacation


“Is there much good hunting around here?”, he asked eagerly.

The native glanced around him for a minute and said,

“Well,sure,there is plenty hunting, but damned little finding”



Eagle Hunting!

A cowboy from one of the many dude ranches in the Rockies was spending his day off doing a little hunting. Sighting an eagle, he took aim and brought the bird down. He scrambled down the crag and retrieved his game.

As he slung the bird over his shoulder he saw one of the customers from the dude ranch approaching him .

“I say”, said the Easterner in a patronising sort of tone,

“I was watching you. You should have saved that shot, Why the fall alone would have killed the eagle”.

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Every Jackass wants an office! (Post No 2628)

jackass (1)

Compiled by london swaminathan


Date: 13 March 2016


Post No. 2628


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One time, Abraham Lincoln, drawled as he read a story of a certain king who wanted to go hunting, and asked the court minister if it would rain. The minister told him the weather would be fair. Setting out, the royal party met a farmer riding a jackass. He warned the king that it was going to rain. The king laughed, went on, and no sooner got started hunting than a heavy downpour drenched him and his party. He went back, there out the minister, and called for the farmer.

“Tell me how you knew it would rain”

“I did not know, Your Majesty, it is not me. It is my jackass. He puts his ear forward when it it is going to be wet”.


The king sent the farmer away, had the jackass brought and put in place of the minister.


“It was here”, said Lincoln, “the king made a great mistake”.


“How so? asked someone of the audience.

“Why, ever since that time, every jack ass wants an office. Gentlemen, leave your credentials with me and when the war is over you will hear from me.”





A certain Colonel on the staff of Governor died suddenly. Many applicants for this post were clamouring to be heard. Before even the funeral had taken place, one of these managed to detain the Governor for a moment, asking “Would you object to my taking  the place of the  Colonel?”


“Not at all”, snapped the Governor. “Speak to the undertaker.”