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 Date: 12 AUGUST 2019  
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C R W Nevinson, English painter, tells one of the finest of all sick bed stories:

Then came pleurisy, culminating in pneumonia that nearly ended my life. The telephone was at by bed side, and in order that I should not be disturbed we were supposed to be cut off from all incoming calls. One night, however, when the night nurse had gone out of the room the bell rang. Instinctively I reached out my hand.

“Yes”, I quavered.

“Daily Blank speaking”, announced a very cockney voice. “Is he gone yet?”

It hurt me to laugh and I maintained my gravity by thinking they should not have left it to the office boy.

“No, I said, He is still with us”.

I then said that the patient had expressed a desire that certain matters to be remembered in his obituary notice, and I dictated a paragraph which the voice assured me it had taken down. I wished him good bye.

“Good bye ,said the voice. An’ if h’ goes within the next hour give’s a scoop will yer?”

I promised to do my best  in difficult circumstances and rang off.


I like Death

The steward attempted to encourage the suffering passenger.

“Don’t be downhearted, nobody’s ever died of seasickness”.

“Oh, moaned the sufferer , how can you be so cruel? Only the hope of death has kept me alive so far.”


Mark twain reply!

Could there be anything worse, an ailing friend once wrote complyingly to mark twain, than having a tooth ache and an earache at the same time?

Mark twain wrote back:

“Rheumatism and St.Vitus Dance”.


What is your last wish?

Looking down at the sick man, the doctor decided to tell him the truth.

“I feel that I should tell you. You are a very sick man. I am sure you would want to know the facts. Now—is there anyone you would like to see?”

Bending down towards his patient, the doctor heard him feebly answer, “Yes”.

“Who is it?”

In a slightly stronger tone the sufferer said,

“another Doctor.”

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