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English diplomat  Thomas Roe meeting Jahangir

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R. Nanjappa

Evils of European colonialism

The rise of European Imperial power distorted things. It blinded the European colonial powers,  who were also Christian, to the merits of the societies they chanced to rule. They did not seek to understand that those societies were different, but not inferior. Bigots like the Spanish and the Portuguese literally killed millions of people wherever they went and physically destroyed the old order, as in Latin America, in the name of their religion and God. The Muslims resisted them in Egypt and the Middle East. (But Muslims had destroyed the old culture and religion there.) The English destroyed the Native American civilisation and confined them to “reservations” like caged animals. 

Subtle and sinister methods of the English

In India, the English followed a more subtle method, which is more destructive in the long run, while not appearing overly violent. They did not kill Hindus. But they destroyed the Hindu mind- its Independence and self-belief. They made Indians believe that they were not intelligent and that they were inferior. So their mission was to “civilise” us, which they considered ‘the white man’s burden’. This they attempted to do through the educational and administrative systems.

Muslims resisted the colonial power better

One stunning feature is to be noted here. The Europeans could not succeed in fully colonising the Muslims, even if they ruled them. Even where they introduced their system of education, Muslims did not give up their educational and cultural practices completely. But an English educated Hindu is almost always “modern”- i.e, he gives up his own language, literature, culture and starts imitating the Europeans fully! It is difficult to account for this phenomenon. We can witness this clearly in India. Young Hindus don western clothes and fashion. Young educated Hindu girls increasingly dress like Europeans or like Muslims (Salwar-kameez) while educated Muslims still dress like Muslims! The educated Hindu has become “secular” in the sense of diluting his religious adherence, he is diffident and defensive about it, but this has not happened with the Muslims. This is one of the problems which secular Western countries face from Muslim immigrants.

Colonial India

True Indian History- India is a civilization

 But, with all this, Indian civilisation has somehow been continuous and living! This is what westerners and their Indian followers do not realise. When they talk of Indian history, they talk of the Mohammedan period and the English rule. But this is so idiotic. Mohammedans invaded and ruled over parts of India, not over all the Hindus. Englishmen ruled over Hindus, Indians (including converted Muslims who were originally Hindus). The Muslims could not convert all Hindus, despite trying force for more than thousand years, nor could the British rule beyond two hundred years- hundred years under the company, and 90 years under the Crown. So, the real history of India is not how Hindus were ruled by Muslims and the British for some time, but how Hindus faced Muslims and the English and finally overthrew them! If there is any problem, it is now, after Independence! Our threat today comes from the two proselytising Abrahamic religions (which enjoy guaranteed privileges as minorities) and  the general Westernisation of our life and thought. But our religious civilisation is still largely intact, though increasingly confined to the seniors! Converted Christians  of India  are more devout  than the western Christians. This is because of the Hindu blood running in them. We may hope that one day, it will triumph, for blood is thicker than watery western dogma or theology!

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