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Millions of Vivekanandas will appear!

Swami Vivekananda never thought himself as Great. But he is one of the very few Avatars who saw His fame spread far and wide.


He speaks about himself thus:


Do you think that there will be no more Vivekanandas after I die!… There will be no lack of Vivekanadas, if the world needs them – thousands and millions of Vivekanandas will appear – from where, who knows! Know for certain that the work done by me is not the work of Vivekananda, it is His work – the Lord’s own work! If one governor-general retires, another is sure to be sent in his place by the Emperor. (CW 5.357-358)



I believe in GOD, and I believe in man. I believe in helping the miserable. I believe in going even to hell to save others. (CW 5.357-358)

Of course I would commit a crime and go to hell forever if by that I could really help a human being! (W 5.357-358)

I may have to be born again because I have fallen in love with man. (CW 5.357-358)


I do not believe in a God or religion which cannot wipe the widow’s tear or bring a piece of bread to the orphan’s mouth. (CW 5.357-358)

I have nothing whatever to do with ritual or dogma, my mission is to show that religion is everything and in everything. (CW 5.357-358)



Chicago Success – How?          

In my first speech in this country, in Chicago, I addressed that audience as “Sisters and Brothers of America”, and you know that they all rose to their feet. You may wonder what made them do this, you may wonder if I had some strange power. Let me tell you that I did have a power and this is it – never once in my life did I allow myself to have even one sexual thought. I trained my mind, my thinking, and the powers that man usually uses along that line I put into a higher channel, and it developed a force so strong that nothing could resist it. (CW 9-408)

A Power from this Body!


During the lectures a power used to emanate from this body and would infuse the audience. (CW 8-499)

Note: CW – Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda (So far nine volumes have been published by Ramakrishna Mutt)