Medical Science solves Ten Mysteries in the Mahabharata !

satyavati gandhari draupadi
Pictures of Satyavati, Gandhari, Draupadi

By London swaminathan
Post No. 933 Date 26th March 2014

People like us who live in Western countries often read strange and interesting news items: Man gives birth to a baby! Grandma gives birth to a grandchild!! With the advancement in medical sciences and changing morality anything is possible. Women can use any man’s semen in any surrogate mother. It has opened the Pandora’s Box. With this background, if we read the Mahabharata one more time, all the birth mysteries in Mahabharata will be solved. The more science advances better we understand our mythologies.

Hindus are masters of languages. The oldest grammar book was written by Panini, a Hindu saint. The oldest dictionary of Synonyms was written by Amarasimhan. The oldest sex manual was done by Vatsyayana. Oldest artificial language Sanskrit was constructed by Hindu saints. Largest story book was written by Somadeva. Even before Homer wrote Iliad and Odyssey huge and voluminous books were ‘written’ by the Vedic saints. World’s first Philosophic work Brihad aranyaka Upanishad was composed by the Hindus, even before Greeks started writing. World’s longest epic Mahabharata was written by Vyasa. We gave the world mathematics, decimal system and numerals! But Hindu saints sang and danced saying that they would love to say everything in hidden and secret language!


“ the Gods love the cryptic and dislike the obvious” – says Vedas.
Ancient Tamils fully understood it and named the Vedas as ‘Secret Code’ (Marai in Tamil). They gave another name to the Vedas ‘Unwritten Chastity’ (Ezutha Karpu in Tamil, meaning “ if you put it in writing, it loses its chastity”).

Hindu books are full of puzzles, riddles, conundrums, symbolic numbers etc. it is our duty to unravel those mysteries. Mahabharata, the longest epic with nearly one million Sanskrit words, contains Bhuta, Bhavya and Bhavath. i.e. That which is gone, That which is present and That which is going to happen. I have already given in my two part article about Hindus’ future predictions. Mahabharata even explains nuclear winter etc. Viswarupa Darsanam in Bhagavad Gita (part of the epic) explains the concept of time as understood by the Hindus. We are one step ahead of Einstein. We can even see the latest information about Black Holes there. In short Mahabharata is full of mysteries! We have proved that one can go beyond time and stand on the hill and watch TIME like a running river. It is like watching a movie in the modern cinema with Circarama (360 degree vision) screen. You can turn around and see that which is gone (past).

Mysterious Births in the Mahabharata!

I am just listing only mysteries regarding births of some mythological or epic characters. One with scientific mind can easily see artificial insemination (Test Tube Babies), Cloning ( as we saw in Rakthabheeja demon story), Stem cell techniques, Organ Transplantation, Major surgeries/operations etc.

Take nobody’s word for it. Just read the following and do your own research! All the stories are in symbolic, enigmatic, puzzling, inscrutable, unfathomable, perplexing, mysterious, indecipherable and oracular language!!!

draupadi gandhari kunti

Pictures of Draupadi, Gandhari, Kunti

Mystery No 1 — Draupadi : Born from Fire

Most beautiful black lady Krishnaa alias Draupadi was born in the holy fire! She along with her brother Dhristadyumna came out of the Yaga Kunda (sacrificial Fire Pit)! His father Drupad, King of Punjab, arranged for the fire sacrifice. Her other names are Yagnaseni and Panchali (Panchali means Punjabi Lady)
Like Rama,Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrugna were born after their mothers consumed some potion (Payas), Drupada’s wife must have consumed some medicinal preparations. But we don’t hear about any woman connected with Draupadi’s birth!

Mystery No2 — Karna+ 5 Pandavas born though Mantras!

Kunti was the foster daughter of Kuntibhoja. Her name at birth was Prutha, dauther of King Shura. Short tempered seer Durvasa, satisfied with Kunti’s service, taught her some sex mantras. When she repeated it innocently with curiosity, the deity of the mantra Sun appeared and she bore the child Karna. We hear the same story with the birth of 3 more sons to Prutha alias Kunti and twins to Madri. Thus came Pancha Pandavas + Karna.

We hear the same about (Virgin Birth/Immaculate Conception) Jesus Christ. Can children be produced without men like we read in newspapers nowadays about surrogate babies? Someone’s semen is used to produce babies. One grandma even gave birth to her own grandchild here in a Western country. One woman used her mother’s egg to produce her own child because she was sterile. Now whose baby is that? So we can give lot of interpretations to the Kunti-Madri episodes!

Mystery No 3 : Jarasandhan, Siamese Twin?

I have already explained the case of Siamese Twins in two of my posts explaining that Jarasantha was born as Siamese Twins (two babies sticking together) and was operated upon by a tribal woman shaman called Jara. Just to honour and thank that lady he was called Jara-santha. Another instance of Siamese twins comes from Sangam Tamil literature (Please read Double Headed Eagle: Indian-Sumerian connection posted by me on 18 September 2011). Highly advanced surgeries were done by Susruta and Jeevaka. We read about eye transplantations in Tamil Saivite literature and Buddhist literature.

Mystery No.4 : Gandhari’s 100 Children

Gandhari, an Afghan lady from the modern day Kandahar in Afghanistan, previously known as Gandhara, was the wife of Dhrtharashtra. When she did not give birth to a baby even after ten month pregnancy, she stuck her stomach violently. A lot of lumps came out .Vyasa chided her and asked her to put one hundred pieces in 100 jars filled with clarified butter. 100 sons came out in course of time. Did Vyasa know stem cell techniques? Or more than what we know? My opinion is that he knew more than what we knew about stem cell techniques and cloning.

Kunti, Gandhari, Dhrtarashtar

Mystery No.5: Babies from Special Food!

One thing is very clear in all the mysterious births. Most of the things happened with sterile women. So they followed some strange customs or ate something uncommon which resulted again in strange products. Look at the might of Bheema and Arjuna. Extraordinarily powerful! In the same way Parasurama, a Brahmin, exterminated 21 kings. He was also born in a strange way. Bhrigu gave two pots with special food to ladies, a mother and her daughter for getting children. Both of them exchanged their pots. Because of the curse of Bhrighu for this mistake there came Parasurama, a Brahmin with Kshatria traits! The interesting thing in this episode is the pot with special food! We, in western countries give Folic acid for the ladies who struggle to become pregnant. What is it that Bhrigu gave the two ladies! A mystery!

Mystery No.6: Mandhata, Stem Cell Baby or Cloned!

Mandhata was born from the body of his father Yavanashwa who drank the water which had been prepared for his queens by the seers. Since Mandhata came out from his father’s body, he was brought up by sucking at the forefinger of Indra ( a conundrum or a riddle!). We must notice some special water for the Queens! What is it? Did our forefathers know some special kind of food that will make any woman pregnant? If we know the technique today we can mint money. My friends in the Western Countries spend thousands of pounds to become pregnant and to lose weight as well!

We know that Eve came out of Adam. But that is actually Atma (Adam) and Jeev (Eve) atma story from the Upanishads. I have already explained it in my post ‘The Three Apples that Changed the World’ and ‘Sanskrit in the Bible’.

Mystery No.7 Kapotaroma, Stem Cell or Cloning

Kapotaroma, son of Shibi, was born from the pieces of flesh that King Shibi cut from the body for offering to a hawk. This was done to save a dove. This story is so famous that we find it Sangam Tamil literature, sculptures of South East Asian countries and Buddha Jataka Tales. Tamil Chozas claim that Sibi was their forefather. Our interest in the story is that Kapotaroma was born out of flesh of his father. Once gain a man is giving birth. Previously we saw it in the Story of Mandhata.

Mystery No.8: Babies from Fruit Seeds!!

Vaidharbi, wife of King Sagara, gave birth to a big squash fruit. The seeds were placed in special pots and sixty thousand sons came. This comes under idioms and phrases. ‘Sixty thousand’ means innumerable, many, unusually large, not literally 60,000. As children we are told that King Dasaratha had 60,000 wives, Krishna had 60,000 girl friends etc. It means ‘above average’ figure. The second thing about this episode is giving birth to a Squash Fruit. This is in symbolic language. We don’t know the real meaning. One thing is similar to the story of Gandhari. It may be again a case of test tube babies or stem cell techniques.

Gandhari with Kunti

Mystery No.9: Babies from Smoke!

The most interesting birth mystery is the story of Somaka. He had 100 queens, but no children. At last one queen had one baby named Jantu. Because all the queens made lot of fuss about that one baby, he consulted his Guru for a solution. He advised him to throw the baby into fire and if all the queens smelt the smoke everyone will become pregnant. The baby was thrown into fire and when all the queens inhaled the smoke they became pregnant and gave birth. This is still mysterious. Smoke from the flesh makes one pregnant! Who knows? When the medical sciences advance we may get a newer explanation for this episode.

Mystery No.10: Child from a Dead Body!

Mahabharata has one more interesting story about a woman becoming pregnant with the help of a dead body! In Western countries it is possible today. When young men go for chemotherapy for his cancer, we warn them to store their semen for future saying that they may become sterile. So even if the husband dies because of cancer, his wife can still produce ‘’his’’ children. Bhadra was the wife of Vyushishtashwa. He died without a child. When Bhadra thought that it was not worth living without a husband or a child, her dead husband proclaimed she would soon become pregnant. So she went to bed with the dead body and she had many children. I will say it is possible under certain circumstances. If his semen was saved and used for this lady or even if they had sex before his death, she can become pregnant. In the olden days just to avoid scandals, they might have told this story. Even in the western world, if someone becomes pregnant without her husband alive, it create lot of scandals.

There are many more stories like this in the great epic, each one gives us some new thoughts. After five or ten years we may be able to explain these in better light. Now Western countries are even rewriting their law books because of surrogate babies. It will definitely create lot of legal issues. Gay men can marry and get children! Their semen is used just to create babies! So they need new laws. The amazing thing about Hindu scriptures is we have examples for everything. I have already written about Lord Shiva was the first one to use MP3 player.

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