Nine Muses in Greece and Nine Ceremonies in China (Post No.7150)

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Date: 28 OCTOBER 2019

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Post No. 7150

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In ancient China  the number nine wasimportant in tne I Ching and in the Book of Rituals ( (Li Chi), which speaks o  nine ceremonies and they are-

Puberty rite for men







Drinking and

Military rituals

In the Han dynasty a nine based cosmology was for favoured.

The ninth day of the ninth month  was a men’s festival of ‘yang raised to a higher power.

There were nine earthly provinces, nine mountains, nine fields of heaven and so on.

The center of Beujing had 8 roads leading in to it , and these added to the one central point, made for a similar nonary structure.

In the West, there were nine orders of angels, nine cosmic spheres  in medieval cosmology, nine muses.

Greeks have also chosen Goddesses for the arts and poetry like Hindus.

The Muses are the nine goddesses of the arts, history and astronomy in Greece. The muses were not highlighted in mythologies, but writers and poets invoke them like Hindus before writing a book or performing dance and music. They are the source of inspiration for them like Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati or Goddess of wisdom, Ganesh.

Muses were among the retinue of the god Apollo, the patron of music and the arts. They were said to reside on Mount Helicon near Thebes or on Mount Parnassus near Delphi (Like Kailash or Mount Meru of Hindu Mythology).

Their names and branches of arts they preside over are as follows:

Name                        Meaning                              Arts

Calliope                         Beautiful voice                    Epic Poetry

Clio                                Fame                                      History

Erato                             Lovely                                    Lyric Poetry

Euterpe                         Joy                                          The Flute

Melpomene                   Singing                                  Tragic Drama

Polyhymnia                   Many Songs                         Mime

Terpsichore                   Joyful dance                             Dance

Thalia                            Good Cheer/Plenty            Comic Drama

Urania                             Celestial                               Astronomy


Idioms and phrases

We say that a cat has nine lives and a person who is ‘dressed to the nines’ in wearing his or her most elaborate finery.

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